Muscle Testing aka focussing on the neural pathways

“Everybody using muscle testing as it is done in kinesiology, has to come to the conclusion it has little or nothing to do with functional muscle testing. It is far from testing the functional strength of the muscle or muscle group”. [Huib Salomons]

Muscle Test does not resemble the function of a muscle

Testing the muscles for “Strong”and “Weak” muscles with Specialized Kinesiology you will find – as the practitioner – you are getting information of the neural pathways rather instead of  the functioning of the muscle.

A simple notion will show you what I mean:

Do the muscle test on the leg muscles (f.i. the quadriceps femoris). Now, you may find the muscle test to test “Weak”. The point that I want to make here is … what happens when you ask the client to stand up? In most cases you find the client can and will stand up with no problems whatsoever and that while you muscle tested “Weak”.

Muscle testing, communication with the body’s neural pathways

Now you know muscle testing is a means for the practitioner to communicate with the neural pathways, we can focus on what really happens. Again when we – as practitioner – push on arms and legs we get information of the functioning of information transport through the neural pathways.

In my practize I standard test arm, leg, foot and neck muscles only to find very different outcomes each time. The arms may test “Strong” and the legs may test “Weak”. The left side may test “Strong” and the right side may test “Weak”. I have found many different combinations.

My standard approach to balance the body system is by doing a Body Scan to find the spots that need attention. And when I have done that what needed to be done, I retest the arm, leg, foot and neck muscles.

Surrogate testing, we can not do without

Once I found a muscle that did not test the “normal” way. What is normal? To find out I present to you this beautiful mechanism called: “surrogate testing

Surrogate testing is based on the observation that muscle tests can be reproduced in other parts of the body. Take a muscle – f.i. a leg muscle and test. You find that muscle test to test “Weak”. AND  you muscle test an arm muscle and find it to test “Strong”. When you take the leg muscle in pauselock … you can observe the arm muscle to muscle test “Weak”, whereas it muscle tested “Strong” previously. This change in indicator is normal for surrogate testing!

What I observed was, that this “surrogate testing” was not actually kicking in. Meaning the arm test did not take over the way the leg tested.

“I love it when I get to observe these things”. As in the previous section I overcame this problem starting with the Body Scan and do the correction(s) needed. Needless to say, I was able to send the client home balanced and well!

Muscle Testing you get to tune in on the Body Mind Spirit Connection

Ultimately you get relax the mind and body just by letting the client focus on her/his body. And as a consequence I find the Body Mind Spirit connection extremely responsive to my verbal and non-verbal (thought) patterns. Thereby opening the Body Mind Spirit connection for even deeper change producing challenges.

Author’s Bio

Huib salomons, Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology. Apeldoorn – The Netherlands. You may look at his site on Stress is unavoidable.

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