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Twillmed Bicom optima 2009

Bicom Optima, de nieuwe norm op het gebied van bioresonantie-therapie. Twillmed organiseert Informatiedagen voor de Bicom optima. Het apparaat is uniek, baanbrekend en behelst een nog effectiever behandelsysteem. Continue reading

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True Nature of Muscle Testing and Kinesiology

In literature and under each other people always mix muscle testing and (applied/specialized) kinesiology as though they were one and the same. This blogging tells you the difference. Continue reading

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Applied/Specialized Kinesiology: Isn’t a drudge!

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology isn’t a drudge If Applied/Specialized Kinesiology were a drudge it would be no fun nor for me nor the client. In my sessions there is no repetition, no dull work. No room for drudge. After a small-talk we … Continue reading

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Methodology of kinesiology. It is more and hypnosis plays a part

The methodology of kinesiology is more then only muscletesting (muscle monitoring. It requires offering method of handling specific ways for stopping energy from blocking. Continue reading

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Bicom 2000 bio-resonance eav health treatment instrument – Independent review

Bioresonance, how it works! The principle behind this treatment process is one of detecting and altering the frequency information with which cells communicate with each other. # In health this form of communication is harmonious. # With ill-health this cellular … Continue reading

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Bioresonantie met de BICOM® 2000

De BICOM® is een uniek computergestuurd Bioresonantie apparaat voor zowel diagnose als therapie, gebaseerd op de huidige behoefte van de medische praktijk. De BICOM® wordt ondersteund door 25 jaar ervaring en heeft zich bewezen in de behandeling van chronische ziekten … Continue reading

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Multiple Analytical Radionic System (MARS III)

Mars III video manual: “Get to understand the system” Bruce Copen Laboratories was founded in 1947 by Dr. Bruce Copen in Brighton in Sussex, England. From the outset, Dr Copen specialised in the fields of radiesthesia, radionics, electronic homoeopathy and … Continue reading

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Energetic Medicine Devices Comparison

A brief overview and comparison of the most popular and widely used energetic medicine devices available on the market today. This page will allow you to quickly compare energy medicine systems, with an in depth review available by clicking on each … Continue reading

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