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Ondamed | electro acupuncture with sound

The Ondamed device is a sophisticated sound generator that transmits its soundwaves through “applicators” (neck and handheld or otherwise). Each applicator emits focused electromagnetic fields. The soundwaves vary from .1 to 32,000 Hz. The goal is to balance out the acupuncture meridians in such a way Mind Body Spirit find stimulation, sedation or equalisation by stimulation of the electromagnetic field. Continue reading

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Pitch Roll Yaw Skew

Applied and Specialized Kinesiology is about corrections offered to Mind Body Spirit to give it the possibility to function optimally. One of the many possibilities is visualization. This article lets the testperson recognize the pitch, roll, yaw or skew position of a problem the testperson test weak on. Continue reading

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Surrogate muscle testing gives the edge

Surrogate muscle testing is a method we – as practitioner – use more frequently then we are aware of. Surrogate muscle testing gives us the edge to get information from systems tranceferred to a muscle test. The Body Scan proofs to be an ultimate expression of the Surrogate muscle test! Continue reading

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Muscle Testing aka focussing on the neural pathways

Manual muscle testing is not functional muscle testing. Surrogate testing is the ultimate tool in the manual muscle test procedure you can not work around or do without! Continue reading

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Switching in Kinesiology approached differently

Handling switching in Kinesiology a different way. Trust what your muscle test is showing and go from there! Continue reading

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Body Scan in Applied Specialized Kinesiology

The Body Scan in Applied/Specialized Kinesiology is the focusing on a specific area on the body and then muscle test. The indicator change gives you as practitioner the challenge to focus deeper on this area and find the best way to correct this issue. Continue reading

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Burnout: Wat is het?

Technorati Tags: burnout, the secret, body scan, gespecialiseerde kinesiologie, spiertesten ———————————————————————- Burn-out is een psychologische term voor het gevoel opgebrand te zijn, geen energie of motivatie meer vinden voor de bezigheden op het werk. … Een contradictio in terminis. … Continue reading

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De spiertest op de proef gesteld – kinesiologie

Spiertesten bij kinesiologie is niet dowsen, het is afstemmen op lichaam-geest-ziel, het is in dialoog gaan met het lichaam. Continue reading

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Can you alter the muscle test just by thinking (2)

It is a well knownfact that an observation can NEVER be done objectively It is Quantumphysics that states that the observer is always to be considered part of the system the observer is observing. In fact it is the observer is the one … Continue reading

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