Switching in Kinesiology approached differently

Switching in Kinesiology | It is what it is!

Trust what you are sensing – It is what it is. After years of figuring out what it means to muscle test, I finally came to the conclusion that being a good muscle tester I only needed to admit to my self: “trust what you are sensing” and go from there.
[Huib Salomons]

Switching in muscle testing – Take for example the observation of a muscle test showing a “Weak” reaction. It is common practize to make the assumption one has to test from “Strong” to “Weak”. Meaning anything other than “Strong” is “not good”. It is from this point of view, practitioners speak of “Switching”. It is from this point of view a certain Dr. Moon deviced a protocol to determine whether someone is switched or not. Other Kinesiologies also have corrections for Switching. Although they might work and correct the situation, I find these to far from the source. They do not address the problem that is showing. The problem can be of electrical (neurological), energetic, subconscious nature. The one thing I have learned from my Hypnosis classes is:  look for the possibilities and do something with it!

Muscle testing is NOT Applied/Specialized Kinesiology! Muscle testing is an art. And just like driving a car you have to learn to drive it properly! Applied/Specialzed Kinesiology utilizes Muscle testing!

Switched? Find the source and act! on that – Now when you take muscle testing as I propose you to do, this is what you can do when you suddenly find a “Weak” muscle test reaction! Depending on how you started this sequence, I recommend you approach the problem directly and do a Body Scan. Because you are in a “Weak” muscle test mode, you do a Body Scan and look for any spot that makes your muscle test react “Strong”. And you take action to correct that spot or include the information held by that spot in your process of balancing.

Again a good practitioner trusts what s/he is sensing, finds the source of the problem using muscle testing and starts balancing from there!

Author – Huib salomons, Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology. Apeldoorn – The Netherlands. You may look at his site hsalomons.com
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