Ondamed | electro magnetic acupuncture

Ondamed transmits soundwaves

The Ondamed frequency generator (ONDAMED) is build in such a way that it can transmit through the handheld, neck and/or other applicators:

  • Frequency Modulated waves (FM)
  • Amplitude Modulated waves (AM)
  • Electro magnetic Modulated waves (EM)

It is with these Electro magnetic Modulated waves this frequency generator is working on the acupuncture meridians, as the programmed waves are all corresponding with well defined frequencies that correlate with the meridians we all know too well from acupuncture. The AM and FM waves are added as an add-on to the transmission.

Ondamed machine with applicators (neck and hand)

Variation is obtained by:

  • Octave
  • Length of time
  • Intensity

Using the computer program

I use the computer program to make my life working with the Ondamed easy. The computer is connected to the Ondamed and can interface directly with the Ondamed’s operating system.

This computer program works as a graphical user interface (GUI), so I have more flexibility in my performance. I ideomotor-test my own scripts and save them as an .oda file.

In fact I started to save the results (script) from program 11 in my directory called “OnTheFly”, for future use. A beautiful resourceful name don’t you think?! Why save these scripts? Because testing and working with clients I may have stumbled over a series of frequencies that refer to an usable combination in my overall repertoire of programs/scripts that are Universal in nature. In doing so – in time – I will have a whole repository of scripts Mind Body Spirit wants me to select from.

A beautiful thing is that it is possible to select a single line as “Main Line”. The purpose of this main line is that it offers me the possibility to work with this line only.

The influence from Mind Body Spirit

As we are using ideomotor indicators as Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) or muscle testing, we tune into to intelligence of Mind Body Spirit. Ergo we heavily build on the input on the bodies intelligence.

[ 1 ] … The most effective way of determining the optimal frequencies is through “biofeedback” using the radial arterial pulse commonly known as VAS.

The VAS evolved from the work of a French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier, who taught neurology at the medical school in Lyon, France. In 1966, Dr. Nogier discovered that the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) was evoked in the radial pulse when he touched certain points on the ear of a patient.
Subsequently, he discovered that the arterial system responds in a reproducible manner to a variety of changes to key physiological systems in the body.

To be specific, the VAS is a rapid change in the tone of the smooth muscles in the walls of the arterial system throughout the body, mediated by sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons.
Detectable changes in the pulse are triggered by specific events within the body. The effect is consistent and is both repeatable and measurable by modern equipment.

The response that is felt by the practitioner is a qualitative variation in the perception of the pulse that begins from 1 to 3 cycles after the stimulus begins and continues for about 8 to 15 cardiac cycles.
Dr. Nogier found that there are four pulse responses to stimuli:
1. no response,
2. the weakening of the pulse signal (negative VAS),
3. increase of the pulse signal (positive VAS), and
4. a sharp pulse spike.

These responses occur from colors, magnetically induced currents, sound frequencies, light waves, emotions, touch, substances, and electromagnetic frequencies. Both diagnostic and therapeutic tools are based on this phenomenon.

Note: VAS is sometimes referred to as Peripheral Arterial Tonometry (PAT).

Yes, I am aware using this ideomotor-method – because of its premises – is not for everyone, because there are many that can not or will not rely on the input of something obscure as Mind Body Spirit. So be it!

In the practice

I find this apparatus an asset to my practice as I work with specialized kinesiology. Even though I still don’t know its effects, I know Mind Body Spirit ask for it to use in every session. Sometimes speeding up the session dramatically.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

About quinten

Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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2 Responses to Ondamed | electro magnetic acupuncture

  1. Mark Lassen says:

    Is there a monitoring device to measure VAS spikes so that one can be both praticioner and Ondamed patient. I find it very difficult to do both at the same time

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