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comments what is muscle testing and how does it work

Muscle testing can be done without going into trance! Who are they kidding? Trance is a normal state of being in everyday life. And suddenly you can start changing people without going in trance?! Comments on an article “What is muscle testing and how does it work?” by Jonathan Livingstone. Continue reading

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what is it like to be in trance

What is it ike to “be in trance”? In this episode I write about what trance is and the different types of trance I can relate to. Trance is the state where you are .not with what you are doing, because you have an unresolved issue at hand or you play with altered states. Anyway these distractions keep you from experiencing life to its fullest. Continue reading

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now | possibilities of the moment

Living in the now (present) gives you the possibility to experience altered states. Required for experience of these altered states is to have you neurological systems stress free. So energy can flow abundantly. Specialized Kinesiology can help you release triggers that block your neurological system. Continue reading

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CHPH | conversational hypnosis

Igor Ledochowski developed the Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotist (CHPH) training seminar to help those who want to learn conversational hypnosis hands-on in a step-by-step learning process. So you get to learn and remember the steps easily and quickly, in such a way that – when you are stuck – you always can return back to your step-by-step learning. Continue reading

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Stress management | specialized kinesiology | Muscle testing

When the body relaxes enough, muscle testing becomes a dialogue with mind body spirit and kinesiology techniques and skills are offered to make change in the reaction of the subconscious. Continue reading

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Zebu | Learning language patterns playfull

Hypnosis, a mental state (state theory) where you experience subjective experiences of reality as a result of an active interplay between your subconscious and your conscious parts of your mental capacity. Learning hypnosis language playfull using ZEBU cards. Continue reading

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Mystery and hidden secret of hypnosis

The real hypnotist / mentalist goes into trance first before he induces a trance in a client adequately. Continue reading

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Learn to solve your sleeping problems and more

Clipped from Igor ledochowski: “At last a self-hypnosis method that really works … ” Get the result done Continue reading

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Methodology of kinesiology. It is more and hypnosis plays a part

The methodology of kinesiology is more then only muscletesting (muscle monitoring. It requires offering method of handling specific ways for stopping energy from blocking. Continue reading

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Conversational Hypnosis!

How to quickly and easily put people under your spell and get them to do what you want. This great investment is one of the list of many to investigate and excel in communication. A 101 crash coarse for Persuader in … Continue reading

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