Specialized kinesiology. So what now?

Have you ever wondered what is so special about SPECIALIZED KINESIOLOGY?

Specialized Kinesiology is a method by which we use Manual Muscle Testing to get the information the Body Mind Spirit connection wants to bring it in its desired state of Wellbeing. Manual Muscle Testing we retest whether we need to do more of the same or something else.

ManualMuscleTestingThe term ‘kinesiology‘ is derived from the Greek ‘kinesis’ and ‘logia’ and is often translated as ‘study of motion’. In particular ‘the study of how muscles act in concert to move the body’.

The term ‘Specialized Kinesiology‘ is used to indicate the many systems which have sprung from Applied Kinesiology. Touch for Health was the first offspring. Many followed soon afterwards Professional Kinesiology Provider, Applied Physiology, Three in One Concepts, Edu Kinesiology/Braingym, Behavioural Kinesiology, Energy Kinesiology, Biokinesiology, Body Talk, Hyperton-X  etc..

Applied Kinesiology – and Specialized Kinesiology as such – taps into the body’s unique capacity to heal itself. Both systems use ‘Manual Muscle Testing’ to find information from the Body Mind Spirit connection. This information is used to eliminate blocks to health and this state of Wellbeing. From this holistic approach to Wellness, it deals with underlying physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual issues that limit us from being who we really are.

How did it begin?

In the late 1800’s D.D. Palmer rediscovered the science of chiropractic. Then in the early 1960s Dr. George Goodheart developed a new system for working with muscles. Using his basic ideas and combining them with chiropractic and ancient oriental practices. As John F. Thie introduced Touch for Health as a first aid self-help system specialized kinesiology as we now know came into being.

What does it encompass?

First and foremost we use information gathered through Manual Muscle Testing to find the steps to support the body into its Wellness or bring the body is this state of Wellbeing.

Basic Manual Muscle Testing exists of finding a ‘Strong’, ‘Weak’ or ‘Blocked’ muscle test. As you become more experienced in Manual Muscle Testing you find there are more possibilities [ gamma-1-gamma-2-g2-submaximal-uplink ]

To become proficient in Manual Muscle Testing it is important that you notice and accept the information as-is, because when you interfere with the outcome you confuse the system and you are not able to accomplish what you want, and that is to bring the body in this state of Wellbeing.

Using stacking, retention mode/pause lock you find the perfect combination that will help the Body Mind Spirit connection balance itself. Because the only thing we can do is offering to this connection what ever it needs to balance itself. The practitioner is able to offer all he knows as a professional and the Body Mind Spirit connection will gladly make use of these personal preferences. In his training he has also familiarised himself with NLP/hypnosis, TCM/acupressure, chakra healing etc.

What can it do for you?

As stated ‘Specialized Kinesiology is focussed on reinstating the feeling of Wellbeing’. Listening to the Body Mind Spirit connection we can offer it what it craves for.

Laying on my table you will find yourself relaxing more and more. And in doing so you automatically open your self to even find support for your unconscious mind. So we truly offer a holistic support for the Body Mind Spirit connection.

As a practitioner you are part of the system – just as a researcher is part of the research process – , meaning that the energy is likely to ask a correction that lies is the field of knowledge of the practioner. And there is a saying, ‘any thing can heal anything when it has priority’. For example, I myself was trained in Touch for Health, Three in One Concepts and Applied Physiology, cranio-sacral, Reiki, hypnosis. Ergo, the techniques I use reside within the realm of these learnings.

A ‘body not fit’ is a body with a bothered Body Mind Spirit connection. It is for you to decide whether you wish to lay down on the table and want to experience this procedure with the knowledge that what ever this Body Mind Spirit connection of you wants, it  gets through intervention of the practioner. Are you willing to undergo such a session?

~ 2015-4 – Huib Salomons – Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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1 Response to Specialized kinesiology. So what now?

  1. Hi to Huib Salomons. Appreciate your open mind in your articles here. Found you today and read a few.
    My comments on the future of our field go like this.
    1) We are about 100 years ahead of our time. Given this, it MAY make sense to give away online as much info as possible to engage the few other throw-forward souls looking for what we do, as their own method of self-mastery (this will mostly be holistic-inclined practitioners).
    2) Since 1998 it has helped to wrap a heart-felt spiritual dimension around all muscle testing topics and activity. Spiritual protection is literally needed now for people to feel safe to explore as far out as muscle testing quickly takes them. Booklet on this: Adequate and Sufficient Psychic Self-protection: For Healers and Energy Medicine Practitioners
    3) I do NOT think dowsing is a strong way forward. Given the state of dowsing history and literature, we are better going forward, not backward. One exception, the “Deviceless Dowsing” article by Dan Wilson, available many places online.
    4) Arm-length-Testing (ALTesting) is going to become much bigger. The endgame of muscle testing–beyond making a living by seeing clients–is self-testing, tools for the Hero’s Journey of Self-healing. ALTesting employs 40-80 muscles all at the same time to test. Arm-pull-down recruits only a single muscle at a time to test. Which do you think will be more fun, easier and natural for self-testing? This innovation was conveyed to us by Dr. Albrecht Uwe of InnerWise.eu Do you know him?
    5) The Client-Controlled Kinesiology Testing (CKT) of MSIA.org DSS program is another solution to ethical and logical dilemmas of arm-pull-down testing. It’s described in my muscle testing books.
    6) Some other aspects of muscle testing rhetoric have been worked out in more and better detail in a booklet, “Self Muscle Testing: Two Reasons to Use and 33 Beneficial Side-effects”
    I’ll try to find a real email to send you a copy.

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