Surrogate muscle testing gives the edge

Surrogate testing | we can not do without

Surrogate muscle testing is a technique we – as practitioners of applied/specialized kinesiology – use to muscle test places we can not muscle test. A definition for “surrogate muscle testing” is “muscle testing in place of”.

About: Surrogate Testing

“At the seminar, Dr. Winer also discussed “surrogate testing.” For this, the practitioner does not do the muscle testing on the person to be tested directly but to another person. Two people sit beside each other, first the person to be tested and then the surrogate. The practitioner stands in front of the surrogate. The testee holds the item to be tested in one hand and places his/ her other hand on the surrogate’s hand, and then the tester tests the outstretched opposite arm of the surrogate.

I know this sounds strange, but it does work. The reason for it, as Dr. Winer explained, the energy of the testee passes through into the surrogate. If one doubts this, Dr. Winer said to have two people hold hands and …”. [ More on surrogate testing ]

Strangely enough, my fellow practitioners only refer to surrogate testing as “muscle testing long distance”. When I look at my muscle testing practice I see many ways how I use surrogate testing. So I dare state that I can not do without it. My testing has many ways of incorporating surrogate muscle testing.

I love it to find the effect of surrogate muscle testing. To show what I mean, when I trancefer a muscle test of an arm muscle (say “weak”), to a muscle test of an leg muscle. Only to find the leg muscle (first test “strong”) now testing “weak”, as if the information of the arm muscle was tranceported to the leg muscle. The mechanism I use – to make it possible – is retentionmode or pauselock.

Can you imagine the thrill I get, when I find the surrogate muscle test does not trancefer. Only to find myself succeeding in making it work using corrective work after all.

In the same way we can address the information of any part of the body – or everything at all – to other parts of the body. Giving us the edge of working, changing and checking the information as we have made our corrections. The possibilities do not only apply to the example suggested in the related article.

The Body Scan, an ultimate variation of surrogate muscle testing

As a matter of fact, the Body Scan is the ultimate expression of the surrogate muscle testing. As you will remember the Body Scan is done by focussing on specific parts of the body, followed by a manual muscle test as it is done with applied/specialized kinesiology. The items: other part of the body, locking in of the information by focussing – substitute for the pauselock or retentionmode – and using any type of muscle for muscle testing are all main ingredients that make the Body Scan a true candidate for an ultimate expression of Surrogate muscle testing.

When you have read this article with great intention you may find yourself looking for other ways and you will agree “we as muscle tester can not do without Surrogate Muscle Testing!”

Huib Salomons, Apeldoorn – The Netherlands

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Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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