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Specialized kinesiology. So what now?

Specialized Kinesiology is a method by which we use Manual Muscle Testing to get the information the Body Mind Spirit connection want to bring it in its desired state of Wellbeing. Manual Muscle Testing we retest whether we need to do more of the same or something else. Specialized Kinesiology is focussed on reinstating the feeling of Wellbeing. Continue reading

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Stroke of insight: A powerful story you cannot miss

Invitation for looking to the story told by Jill Bolte Taylor. Continue reading

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Energetisch solliciteren

‘Energetisch Solliciteren’, solliciteren vanuit energetisch perspectief. Is jouw energetische gevoelsimprint van dien aard dat het als een schild om je lichaam voelt? Doe er dan wat aan! Continue reading

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Seven steps to Heart based Manifestation

Heart based manifestation is about ‘Inner Peace’. With ‘Heart based manifestation’ one puts ‘Inner Peace’ before ‘The Desire for Wealth or Achievement. 1. Be mindful. 2. Listen to your heart. 3. Belief.
4. Build upon enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for your idea. 5. Focused action. 6. Be patient, be persistent. 7. Be grateful. Continue reading

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Growing your thought / feeling energy creates peace or bliss

Whether you are looking to deepen your meditation, attain self realization or you just simply want to experience more peace and bliss in your life, then learning one of these two meditation techniques is a must. These meditations come down to focus your thought energy. Continue reading

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Atman the Divine Spark

Becoming aware of Atman – the Divine Spark – you enter this state that is called Samadhi. Now Samadhi is growing from mild contact with Atman – where you are conscious still – to the deeper states where one becomes One with Atman. Self realization or becoming aware of Atman is the name of this game. Continue reading

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comments what is muscle testing and how does it work

Muscle testing can be done without going into trance! Who are they kidding? Trance is a normal state of being in everyday life. And suddenly you can start changing people without going in trance?! Comments on an article “What is muscle testing and how does it work?” by Jonathan Livingstone. Continue reading

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what is it like to be in trance

What is it ike to “be in trance”? In this episode I write about what trance is and the different types of trance I can relate to. Trance is the state where you are .not with what you are doing, because you have an unresolved issue at hand or you play with altered states. Anyway these distractions keep you from experiencing life to its fullest. Continue reading

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now | possibilities of the moment

Living in the now (present) gives you the possibility to experience altered states. Required for experience of these altered states is to have you neurological systems stress free. So energy can flow abundantly. Specialized Kinesiology can help you release triggers that block your neurological system. Continue reading

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Ondamed | electro magnetic acupuncture

Ondamed: Electro magnetic Modulation (EM) caries the bulk load. Transmitted through applicators the frequencies are transferred to the body, where it interfaces with the body’s acupuncture meridian flow. Programmed frequencies are selected through the use of ideomotor responses returned from Mind Body Spirit. Continue reading

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