Seven steps to Heart based Manifestation

Original By Jason Lincoln Jeffers

Remember the age-old saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Humans have iron wills. They keep going, and are willing to do whatever it takes to manifest their creative ideas into reality. And what do they achieve? ‘Competition wars’ where there is corrupt interaction from one competitor to another. Likely to result in sleepless nights and tons of unnecessary, energy-depleting stress, which, over time, leads to disease and premature death. And all for what? Money? Status?

You know you can do better. Start manifesting from within your heart, today.

Heart based manifestation is about ‘Inner Peace’

With ‘Heart based manifestation’ one puts ‘Inner Peace’ before ‘The Desire for Wealth or Achievement.

  • ‘Heart based manifestation’ is about ‘creating from complete and total presence’. Presence does not enter into the equation because the Now always dissolves the ego, and therefore the ego will do everything it can to evade it by projecting your mind into the future or past.
  • ‘Mind-based manifestation’ on the other hand ‘creates from the ego’, Mind-based creative goals can be achieved! Yet they always come with a price. Based on the law of attraction: ‘like attracts like’, the ego can only attract to itself other like egos. One can observe this all the time. For example, when aim to create a business for yourself and you manifest it from the mind, chances are you find that your competitors in the marketplace will perceive you as a threat to their very survival. And here is why! As you assert your ego – especially in the business world – you will automatically offend other egos. This results in ‘competition wars’ where there is corrupt interaction from one competitor to another. Likely to result in sleepless nights and tons of unnecessary, energy-depleting stress, which, over time, leads to disease and premature death. And all for what? Money? Status?

The seven steps for ‘Heart based Manifestation’

  1. Be mindful.
  2. Listen to your heart.
  3. Belief.
  4. Build upon enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for your idea.
  5. Focused action.
  6. Be patient, be persistent.
  7. Be grateful.

Step 1: Be mindful – ‘Heart based manifestation’ starts with ‘how to transcend your ego and it’s shadow, the pain-body’. Until you do, you won’t be able to manifest a bean from the heart.

Stop ‘manifesting from the mind’, because this always results in some form of suffering along with whatever you’ve created.

Step 2: Listen to your heart – Imaging or imagining an idea cannot be forced. It can only come spontaneously to you when you are calm, passive, and not lost in the mind. This is where meditation is key.

  • Heart-based creative ideas can only come to you when you are present and still. When you are able to achieve this peaceful place of non thought. Your heart will allow a creative idea to be received. After all, when the mind is full one cannot receive , creative messages from the Universe.
  • Everything that has been created in this world of form began with a single idea, a creative thought.
  • From a place of deep-seated presence, listen to/observe what you want, and in as much detail as you can, as “God is in the details.”

Recording your creative thoughts in a journal with specific details of whatever it is you wish to achieve, is recommended And then let it go.

Oprah wrote in her journal over twenty years ago that she would own a television network someday. And now she does! It’s called ‘OWN’. But the universe cannot deliver to you until you place your order, and in detail.

Step 3: Belief – You have to believe in your idea. Belief is the most powerful creative tool you have. Without it, no amount of thinking or feeling would be able to manifest as a single form of creation.

  • When you fail to fully believe in what you’re attempting to create, you fail to create. It’s that simple.
  • ‘Heart-based manifestation’ does not work from positive thoughts or imaging alone. It can’t. This is where faith, trust, and surrender are released from the heart. This source of unconditional love.
  • ‘Heart-based manifestation’ is exercising the true power of the heart. Without belief, nothing, no thing can be manifested.

Step 4: Build upon enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for your idea – These heart-based emotions.vibrate with high-frequency,

  • Imaging combined with passion becomes very powerful, when you are enthusiastic about your idea. The Collective Mirror will – in turn – be just as enthusiastic. This is because whatever the Reflective Universe presents to you is always a mirror of your inner emotional state. Positive or negative, the choice is yours.
  • When you’re halfhearted about your idea, your chances of seeing it to fruition are nil.

Step 5: Focused action – It is crucial to have a laser-like focus on what you want. Don’t allow other people or situations to distract you, dissuade you, or weigh you down.

  • Like with tunnel vision focus on your goals.
  • Pour all your energy into whatever it is you are doing in the present moment.
  • Remember you cannot manifest from reactive energy. Every time you try, you will fail. For example, if you’re desperately trying to create a new business because 1) your current one is failing, or 2) you’re afraid of being fired by your current employer, or 3) the bank has threatened to foreclose on your home, then you’re only pushing back on the Universe and saying no to what already is. This is ‘reaction’, not action.

    You are attempting to create out of desperation, you are reacting out of fear, and fear can only manifest another like reality of fear.

  • When you stop – collect yourself, become still for a while, and surrender to the universe – you will find that the so-called problems you were having will dissolve, allowing for your anxieties to subside.

Only when it comes to you spontaneously and intuitively to take action and manifest a new business for your Self, a whole new vibratory energy emerges. This is when the heart syncs with the universe and you’ll be good to go.

Step 6: Be patient, be persistent – Most current humans are completely unaware of the ‘Law of Attraction’ as they are manifesting their own reality with a mixed bag of positive and negative emotions combined with frequent mind changes, temper flare-ups, anxiety attacks, chats about their weekly dramas with everyone they know. Thus they empower and make these emotions stronger. Finally because they keep creating their own problems out of challenges, they simply throw their arms up in the air and give up completely on whatever it is they want to manifest.

  • Once you decide on what you want, don’t stop creating it just because you don’t see it manifest overnight or within the timeframe that you’ve anticipated. This is another reason why the current human so frequently fails to reach his goals. He presumes that manifestation must occur according to his schedule.
  • It’s as if the ego says, “The universe must bring me what I want, how I want it, and when I want it.” And so, because the universe takes its time – mostly so it can make your dreams as solid as possible – the current human runs out of patience, and consequently fails to reach his goals. He fails because he stops being in the Now, and starts buying into the illusion of failure.

Remember, you only fail when you quit. As long as you keep getting up, in spite of apparent “setbacks,” you’ll find that those setbacks were, in fact, necessary for you. If you give up on your heartfelt dreams, you may as well give up on life itself.

Step 7: Be grateful – Being grateful for even the smallest things takes your consciousness away from your mind and straight into your heart. It is the creative Self ’s way of saying yes to what is.

  • When you’re not grateful for everything you have, no matter how inconsequential it may seem to you, you will never manifest anything long lasting.  When you do manage to manifest something, it will most certainly be short-lived.
  • Know that the Universe takes away from those who are ungrateful and gives to those who are grateful. This is simply the law. When you learn to observe the law, you’ll find that you’ll end up with more abundance than you ever dreamed of.

    The reason for this is simple. The evolving Universe is designed by the Source to grow in accordance with ‘Selflessness from the Heart’, not ‘Selfishness from the Mind’.

Final word

‘Heart based manifestation’ can only grow from Love – Love for what is and what want to present itself. And so when you are grateful for everything you have – even if you’re living in a shack and riding a bicycle to work – the Universe can only keep rewarding your heart’s desires.

  • If you become greedy, selfish, or ungrateful for what you have, the Reflective Universe is going to mirror those feelings and take away what you have.
  • If you start playing the victim by complaining about it or becoming bitter or angry, then it will take away even more from you.

To the unbiased Universe, it won’t matter how important you think you are. It doesn’t mind. It’s just doing its job!

So, you know, create from the Heart and be grateful!

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