Otherness: The experience of Vastness of Being

Think-Emote-Feel Otherness/Vastness/Impermanence

I have the notion that whatever lies in the experience of the person at the age of seventeen [or somewhere around this age] is the Imprint for that persons life.”

Around the age of seventeen — When I was around this age of seventeen I was interested in Psychology, Yoga, Otherness. In short I was interested in the Power of the Mind [or lack of it] with the goal to experience those insights people have that is beyond the world of the Physical.

Now the problem is, I am a bit of dreamer. I idealize something to be better and when I actualize that state I soon find out that this is not what I wanted. And so I go on and idealize something different. Having said that I still have this dream that was brought to me through books with Ideas and Evaluations by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Sri Aurobindo, Paramahansa Yogananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Robert Pirsing (“Zen and the art of Motormaintenance”).

The latter was the icing of the cake, so to speak. Because soon after that I left this path of thinking. Satified. Or not?! At least until today. Today I have the urge to write about my Vision of Otherness based on those people who have sculped me.

Experiencing Vastness/ImpermanenceAs Jiddu Krishnamurti explained to me, “In order to experience life at its fullest one has to become observant. Observe  the mechanism of Thought.”

Picture yourself a pond in the middle of Anywhere. The surface is smooth as the mind can be smooth, no ripples, just silence. From the deep now and then you experience a Thoughtbubble rising. As soon as the bubble comes to the surface you become aware of of the contents of the Thought. The goal is to become aware of the bubbles even before they explode on the surface. (Trancedental Meditation – TM)

Once you master the Art of Observing Thought, you may find yourself experiencing the Moment. Because practicing the image presented, your Mind becomes quiet. You may find yourself living and breathing (that is life in essence, isn’t it?) in the Moment. And when that happens K. explains “one may experience Otherness”. It is explained as a deep sense of Vastness, where one Knows, one IS.

Lately, I stumbled over this Video on the blog of Ross Jeffries where he talked about Witness Consciousness. And as soon as he mentioned it I remembered Krishnamurti where he spoke of Silent Witness. Which is a third position notion that has the only task non other than Observe. Take a moment to look at this video and come back later OR if you want to read more on this subject as Ross Jeffries addresses it, seeNail Your Inner Game.

One point of concern, as expressed by K., it has no meaning to not go into the World and experience this Otherness/Vastness/Impermanence only in the confinement of your “house”. One may practice and experience Otherness/Vastness/Impermanence as soon as your Mind is quiet. It is not by accident that this pond is called “the Pond in the middel of Anywhere”. As such it can be anywhere. Even when you are in the middle of making Love. Now, wouldn’t that be the ultimate form of extacy?!

Be aware of your body —It is common knowledge that there is Thinking, Emoting and Feeling. These three represent the the essence of the three brains we are comprised of. Thinking relates to the Neo-cortex, Emoting to the Limbic system and Feeling to the Reptilian brain/Brainstem. So it all boils down to the neurological system of the body. And here is where Sri Aurobindo enters this work.

Sri Aurobindo is adamant about this quest to start this experience by working with your body. Now focus is everything. In other words your frame of mind / your set of boundaries that bring you where you want to be. One can work the body to become masculine, to endure. So one can work on the body to become aware of this deep essential experience called Otherness/Vastness/Impermanence. In doing so one works the body to become a vehicle of Devine Worship, hence the discipline called Hatha Yoga.

Epilogue — It was this urge in me to write this essay. I wrote about Experiencing Otherness/ Vastness/Impermanance and ways to get you into this state of attentional “thoughtless” Emptiness.

Two ways are being offered to practice yourself:

  • a meditative route, where one non-judgemental observes thought patterns that keep one awake and
  • a physical route, where one non-judgemental observes of ones physical body, ones bodily sensations.

Nothing is said we can not do both, in fact practice them both to get the most of out of it!

My dream/expectation is that in being master in the Art of Observing, one finally finds the door to the world where One IS fully opened.

Living IN the moment,
Opens a wormhole to dimensions I only can dream of,
As proven above.

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<< Very Inspiring >> Listen to Shinzen Young: “Science of Enlightenment” as he talks about: Mindfullnes, Vipassana, Samadhi, Impermanence, Equanimity as it is very enlightening what he has to say when you listen intently and let it all come in, smoothly.

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