what is it like to be in trance

What is it like to “be in trance”?

Instances of trance

  • Did you daydream today? Of course you have.
  • Remember that certain time you missed a freeway exit, because you were lost in thought or you were absorbed in a conversation with your passenger?
  • Oh yeah, once I looked for my keys everywhere, when the other came. She pointed me out, they were right before my nose.
  • Have you ever been so absorbed in reading your book you did not hear the other was saying to you?
  • Remember vividly these feelings/sensations you experience when you were doing that thing you love doing so. Yes, that one time in particular. You know when! What is it?

Trance is characterized by: narrowed attention, dissociated awareness, and increased rapport with and access to the unconscious mind.

‘All corrections are done in the now’ and ‘all therapy is based on hypnosis’ is actually incorrect.

When you defuse an issue at an earlier time, you actually ask the person to go back to that time.
[Comment: You and the client are in the now and will never be in that other time-space.]

The subconscious has a complete memory of everything that has ever happened to you and how you felt. So when you age recess, the person does NOT remember the event, we find how they felt about a certain event that relates to what is going on now.
[Comment: A person can only go back in sensing/feeling when she goes into a trance .. altered state of mind, aka hypnosis. A person does not need to have her “eyes closed” to have these sensations/feelings.]

Using eye modes, we defuse the negative emotion on that event then infuse a positive emotion on the same event. This changes our perception of that event and correspondingly our perception of the current event.
[Comment: True, as you underline we make the correction in the now. Only I recommend you use correction(s) Mind Body Spirit wants as it offers them as you correct the situation in the present state … and eye modes is one of the possibilities to consider.]

The client is fully awake and cognisant to what is happening. So there is no trance to remember what happened and although the subconscious has ‘remembered’ the conscious has not. The subconscious has set you up mentally, emotionally and physically at the time of the original stress, and although your mind is present in the now, your subconscious is not.
[Comment: Fooling around with the subconscious is changing  sensation/feelings … is hypnosis [1].]

This is all based on the premise that we do not want people to go back into the original stress or stressful situation. Usually the original stress comes from a circumstance in the first 7 years of life.
[Comment: We do let the client reconnect with these sensations/feelings in the now. So we can make the same corrections we used in the present state. Mind Body Spirit is trained for these corrections in the present state and now knows – easily and gently – to use these corrections to let go of these triggers that relate to that situation(s) not only in the past, but also … future or as constant reminder (red-line) … is timeline correction.]

[Reaction on a comment in Linkedin group Muscle Testing Kinesiology]

Trance is recognized by:

    • Relax, relaxation.
    • Release the pulse and breath.
    • Eyelids about half or catalepsy eye.
    • Catalepsy of the limbs. (Typical use of muscle testing!!)
    • Focuses on the inside.
    • Reduction in receiving external stimuli.
    • Possible partial amnesia.
    • Increased perception.
    • Illusion activates kinesthetic.
    • Better quality visualization.
    • You can open your eyes in trance.
    • Deep concentration.
    • You can limit your attention only to the words.
    • Increased susceptibility to suggestions.
    • Hallucination of sounds and pictures.

Trance is a “state of mind where you sense/feel in a particular way”. There are many variations of trance one can experience. It is all a matter of definition.

To keep it practical, imagine a balance with two scales. One is “negative” and one is “positive”. When the two scales are in balance, let us say you live in the .now.. When one of the scales is heavier, the more emphasize is put upon that side: “negative” or “positive”.

What is it like to live in the .now.?

You remember this state is present when you .are in the now.. Meaning your sensing/feeling is totally focussed on this moment. Everything you are doing, you do with heightend Attention.

  • You sense/feel everything optimally.
  • You sense/feel everything around you on a different level.
  • You can broaden the limitations to your wishes.
  • You can become aware of the energies that are at play.
  • You can tune into the energy of the other.
  • You have optimal rapport with your inner and outer world. Igor Ledochowski (Converstational Hypnosis) calls this state: “H plus”.

What does it mean, “one side or the other is heavier”?

Well, in short this means ….

  • You ar NOT living in the .now..
  • You do not have ears or eyes for what you are doing in particular.
  • You are doing the things on .autopilot., while your sensing/feeling/thinking is being busy with “thing” your mind/conscious is focussing on.

When “negative” has the upper hand, you can label this as: “you keep yourself busy with a trigger you did not release yet or just not enough” [.not resolved issues.].

This can be something …

  • from the past (obsession – necessity),
  • you project in the future (fobia – desire),
  • that is as a “red line” in your life (neurosis – drive),
  • you crave for (addiction – possibility).

Your subconscious is offering this imagery/feeling/sensation so you to know/resolve now. Your  system is in overload. There is simply no time to relax … or is there?  Take a deep breath!

When “positive” has the upper hand, you can label this as: “you keep yourself busy with altered states of mind where you can have .out of body experiences. [OOBE]”.  These are processes and imagenings, that are not related  to .not resolved issues..
Or you are in – what is commonly known as – an hypnotic state [1]. A state where you are deeply relaxed, your mind is relaxed and your body is relaxed. In this hypnotic state you can enter the realm of your subconscious [.in body experience.] You can talk to this .other I.. The one that supports you, protects you and wants to cooperate with your conscious. The goal of this state in general is to assist you to reprogram your subconscious to act in a different way. Thus supporting you to be able to live life to its fullest.

Now this is a black and white picture. But more often then not there are various shades of gray.

Train you neurological system to become more sensitive.

When you are relaxed, your brain is in a different state. It produces .alpha. waves and when you relax even deeper your brain produces .theta. waves. [Brainwaves]
Many studies have shown that it is benificial to train yourself to have your brain produce slower brainwaves (other then .Beta. waves).

Furthermore a .clear. neurological system – free from old triggers – can help you amp up the capacity of your neurological pathways, which is the main goal of meditation.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

[1] Hypnosis – for me – is the whole picture of the balance with the scales. And the optimal hypnotic state is that of H plus, where you have the heightend awareness of the moment. The latter state can help a practitioner in  healthcare – in general – to produce better result with his session.

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