James Randi caught by the Subconscious

James Randi Tests Crystal Power and Applied Kinesiology

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology is more then muscle testing. (How badly ever done as shown in this videoclip!)

Although muscle testing shown is not actually Applied/Specialized Kinesiology, it shows how accurate it works. Applied/Specialized Kinesiology is the whole of TEST-OPERATE-TEST-EXIT (acronym: TOTE) of the Body Mind Spirit Connection. The videoclip shows how well the subconscious is able to express itself.

In reactions on this videoclip many do not know of what they are dealing with here. They express degenerative feelings about themselves. That is their problem, so be it.

The videoclip shows mister Randi supposedly exposing fraude when muscle testing is performed. At the end he gives SOME possibilities as explanation coming from someone who thinks himself to be fair and square.

Alas how far from the truth can you be, mister Randi!! To bad for you my dear mister Randi! The subconscious was telling the truth. Explanation?? Here it is …

The test concocted to expose the muscle test went way beyond mister Randi’s head. The subconscious recognized the RATLIKE approach and gave the only exact answer by choosing the best option presented by mister Randi himself: RAT POISON. A remedy to be described (homeopathically) for those who concocted this test. The energy of mister Randi was overwhelming the energy of the clear minds of the ladies. The Body Mind Spirit Connection told it all. We only have to figure out what it is saying. 

Well done, ladies!! This was a shot in your own foot, mister Randi!
Cheers, on your Health!

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Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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