Mindfulness: Detangling Feeling | Thinking

Do not think of a Pink Elephant

Everybody knows of the phrase: “Do not think of a Pink Elephant”. It is not important, whether it be Pink Elephant or Pink Panther. It is about our Pink World and how we handle it.

What is so important about Pink? — The crux of this saying “Do not think of a Pink Elepant” is that you can not think of a pink elephant without picturing it first somehow. You can’t do it either with Pink Panther or any thing for that matter. You may try it! You see this is not the point I want to make now. I really want to eleborate on the pink part in conjunction with what Shinzen Young told me …

This morning I listened to the 6th audiobook of Shinzen Young of the pack called ““Science of Enlightenment”. By now you should know how thrilled I am about listening to these audiobooks. [Consider other blogposts on this site] He – to me – is a very reliable, resourceful and authoritative person to get your information and lessons from and easy to listen to.

Shinzen Young talks about ..

  • the six senses, Thinking body and Feeling body
  • Emotions and Ego AND
  • the color Pink.

The body as an automotive —As a self propelled object [automobile]. In our goal to “Experience Enlightenment in our life” we can practize Mindfulness. In doing so, we focus our attention on what happens in the body and life. And to tackle the things at hand we become aware of our body as a automotive or automobile.

This comparison holds true for these parts:

  • Arms/legs : automotion
  • Senses : measuring/probing devices
  • Feeling body (the neurological) : wiring system
  • Thinking body (hippocampus et all) : memory system

Don’t forget that magnetic streams can hold memory as does a floppy disc. So also the wiring system (Feeling body) can hold memory.

Emotions and Ego — Problems in our lives start when we see Feeling-Thinking issues as particles. They all fall under the categories: Emotions and Ego. Seeing these particles makes them tangible for us. And therefore harder to resolve. You can imagine seeing them as waves, will make it easy for anybody cope with life. For life really is a FLOW of Energy. Life is a Process.

Mindfulness —Mindfulness is something like … the attention you give to observe the energy flows in your system (body), which of course is Meditation. Observing without judgement. Observing to see what IS. And what one notices when one observes like this .. brings in to mind the color Pink. For Pink as a mixture of Red and White. As you see those two as the Feeling body and the Thinking body. It should not be difficult to figure out that Emotions and Ego are really the pink particles that make our lives more problematic then necessary.

Observe to sense your Feelings and Thinking’s, so Emotions and Ego be detangled.

For when Emotions and Ego are reduced to their source … being the Feeling-Thinking issues: Feeling and Thinking. Feeling these feelings in your body, seeing your thoughts … suddenly you will become aware of the wavelike notion these two have, when they are seen as what they are. And notice energy flow again.

Silencing of the wave — The Ultimate moment – Shinzen Young mentions – is the moment when waves Nullify. When there is Zero, Ion, Bliss, the Now. That is the moment of Enlightenment in its Purest form.

And that is the Science of Enlightement in a nutshell! … AUM

>> https://quinten.wordpress.com/2008/09/01/shinzen-young-the-science-of-enlightenment/


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