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The beauty of Manual Muscle Testing

Essay about the beauty of Manual Muscle Testing and what it means for the writer. As he writes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Continue reading

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James Randi caught by the Subconscious

James Randi tries to expose muscle testing as fraude. Mistakingly assumes muscle testing IS applied kinesiology. Shoots himself in the foot, exposing himself to be ready for a homeopathic drop of ratpoison. The Subconscious was right, all the way! Continue reading

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Meaning of Weak in muscle testing

As you read how to do a muscle test, you learn to understand that muscle testing is a trust in yourself, a learning to rely on the motion (or not) that you will perceive. Something you will have to get familiar with as you start to practize muscle testing. Continue reading

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Burnout: Wat is het?

Technorati Tags: burnout, the secret, body scan, gespecialiseerde kinesiologie, spiertesten ———————————————————————- Burn-out is een psychologische term voor het gevoel opgebrand te zijn, geen energie of motivatie meer vinden voor de bezigheden op het werk. … Een contradictio in terminis. … Continue reading

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Wikipedia, Manual muscle test (Muscle monitoring) is an art

Caught by the intreges of the manual muscle test – or muscle monitor – I soon found myself wandering from workshop to workshop related to kinesiology – as in Applied Kinesiology. It took me a long time to trust myself and that what … Continue reading

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