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Energetisch solliciteren

‘Energetisch Solliciteren’, solliciteren vanuit energetisch perspectief. Is jouw energetische gevoelsimprint van dien aard dat het als een schild om je lichaam voelt? Doe er dan wat aan! Continue reading

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Stop smoking with EMDR

Procedure for stop “the feeling for need for a smoke”. Smoking can be related to a traumatic experience. You may want to try to activate your senses and be mindful. Let this experience help you stop smoking. Continue reading

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Gateway Initiation Procedure | extra meridians TCM

The Gateway Initiation Procedure: by Richard Holding, explained in short and opened the door for me to explore the Extra Meridians (TCM). Continue reading

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Total Weakness in muscle testing

When Total Weakness shows up, Body has got its share of attention. It has come to me to find Mind (Other-then-Conscious) is showing up and wants its share of attention. Continue reading

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Body Scan in Applied Specialized Kinesiology

The Body Scan in Applied/Specialized Kinesiology is the focusing on a specific area on the body and then muscle test. The indicator change gives you as practitioner the challenge to focus deeper on this area and find the best way to correct this issue. Continue reading

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