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comments what is muscle testing and how does it work

Muscle testing can be done without going into trance! Who are they kidding? Trance is a normal state of being in everyday life. And suddenly you can start changing people without going in trance?! Comments on an article “What is muscle testing and how does it work?” by Jonathan Livingstone. Continue reading

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Stress management | specialized kinesiology | Muscle testing

When the body relaxes enough, muscle testing becomes a dialogue with mind body spirit and kinesiology techniques and skills are offered to make change in the reaction of the subconscious. Continue reading

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Finger modes | hand modes | hand positions | kinesiology

On finger modes, hand modes in kinesiology. What are they and who invented them. Continue reading

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Surrogate muscle testing gives the edge

Surrogate muscle testing is a method we – as practitioner – use more frequently then we are aware of. Surrogate muscle testing gives us the edge to get information from systems tranceferred to a muscle test. The Body Scan proofs to be an ultimate expression of the Surrogate muscle test! Continue reading

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Switching in Kinesiology approached differently

Handling switching in Kinesiology a different way. Trust what your muscle test is showing and go from there! Continue reading

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Real difference muscle testing kinesiology

People are keen to make muscle testing and kinesiology the same difference. Those who work with the system know better: there is a real difference between muscle testing and kinesiology. Continue reading

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True Nature of Muscle Testing and Kinesiology

In literature and under each other people always mix muscle testing and (applied/specialized) kinesiology as though they were one and the same. This blogging tells you the difference. Continue reading

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kinesiology tutorials

Looking for kinesiology tutorials I stumbled over these notes I present you here today. Hope they help you on your start enjoying specialized kinesiology even more. Continue reading

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Applied/Specialized Kinesiology: Isn’t a drudge!

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology isn’t a drudge If Applied/Specialized Kinesiology were a drudge it would be no fun nor for me nor the client. In my sessions there is no repetition, no dull work. No room for drudge. After a small-talk we … Continue reading

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