what is it like to be in trance

What is it like to “be in trance”?

Instances of trance

  • Did you daydream today? Of course you have.
  • Remember that certain time you missed a freeway exit, because you were lost in thought or you were absorbed in a conversation with your passenger?
  • Oh yeah, once I looked for my keys everywhere, when the other came. She pointed me out, they were right before my nose.
  • Have you ever been so absorbed in reading your book you did not hear the other was saying to you?
  • Remember vividly these feelings/sensations you experience when you were doing that thing you love doing so. Yes, that one time in particular. You know when! What is it?

Trance is characterized by: narrowed attention, dissociated awareness, and increased rapport with and access to the unconscious mind.

‘All corrections are done in the now’ and ‘all therapy is based on hypnosis’ is actually incorrect.

When you defuse an issue at an earlier time, you actually ask the person to go back to that time.
[Comment: You and the client are in the now and will never be in that other time-space.]

The subconscious has a complete memory of everything that has ever happened to you and how you felt. So when you age recess, the person does NOT remember the event, we find how they felt about a certain event that relates to what is going on now.
[Comment: A person can only go back in sensing/feeling when she goes into a trance .. altered state of mind, aka hypnosis. A person does not need to have her “eyes closed” to have these sensations/feelings.]

Using eye modes, we defuse the negative emotion on that event then infuse a positive emotion on the same event. This changes our perception of that event and correspondingly our perception of the current event.
[Comment: True, as you underline we make the correction in the now. Only I recommend you use correction(s) Mind Body Spirit wants as it offers them as you correct the situation in the present state … and eye modes is one of the possibilities to consider.]

The client is fully awake and cognisant to what is happening. So there is no trance to remember what happened and although the subconscious has ‘remembered’ the conscious has not. The subconscious has set you up mentally, emotionally and physically at the time of the original stress, and although your mind is present in the now, your subconscious is not.
[Comment: Fooling around with the subconscious is changing  sensation/feelings … is hypnosis [1].]

This is all based on the premise that we do not want people to go back into the original stress or stressful situation. Usually the original stress comes from a circumstance in the first 7 years of life.
[Comment: We do let the client reconnect with these sensations/feelings in the now. So we can make the same corrections we used in the present state. Mind Body Spirit is trained for these corrections in the present state and now knows – easily and gently – to use these corrections to let go of these triggers that relate to that situation(s) not only in the past, but also … future or as constant reminder (red-line) … is timeline correction.]

[Reaction on a comment in Linkedin group Muscle Testing Kinesiology]

Trance is recognized by:

    • Relax, relaxation.
    • Release the pulse and breath.
    • Eyelids about half or catalepsy eye.
    • Catalepsy of the limbs. (Typical use of muscle testing!!)
    • Focuses on the inside.
    • Reduction in receiving external stimuli.
    • Possible partial amnesia.
    • Increased perception.
    • Illusion activates kinesthetic.
    • Better quality visualization.
    • You can open your eyes in trance.
    • Deep concentration.
    • You can limit your attention only to the words.
    • Increased susceptibility to suggestions.
    • Hallucination of sounds and pictures.

Trance is a “state of mind where you sense/feel in a particular way”. There are many variations of trance one can experience. It is all a matter of definition.

To keep it practical, imagine a balance with two scales. One is “negative” and one is “positive”. When the two scales are in balance, let us say you live in the .now.. When one of the scales is heavier, the more emphasize is put upon that side: “negative” or “positive”.

What is it like to live in the .now.?

You remember this state is present when you .are in the now.. Meaning your sensing/feeling is totally focussed on this moment. Everything you are doing, you do with heightend Attention.

  • You sense/feel everything optimally.
  • You sense/feel everything around you on a different level.
  • You can broaden the limitations to your wishes.
  • You can become aware of the energies that are at play.
  • You can tune into the energy of the other.
  • You have optimal rapport with your inner and outer world. Igor Ledochowski (Converstational Hypnosis) calls this state: “H plus”.

What does it mean, “one side or the other is heavier”?

Well, in short this means ….

  • You ar NOT living in the .now..
  • You do not have ears or eyes for what you are doing in particular.
  • You are doing the things on .autopilot., while your sensing/feeling/thinking is being busy with “thing” your mind/conscious is focussing on.

When “negative” has the upper hand, you can label this as: “you keep yourself busy with a trigger you did not release yet or just not enough” [.not resolved issues.].

This can be something …

  • from the past (obsession – necessity),
  • you project in the future (fobia – desire),
  • that is as a “red line” in your life (neurosis – drive),
  • you crave for (addiction – possibility).

Your subconscious is offering this imagery/feeling/sensation so you to know/resolve now. Your  system is in overload. There is simply no time to relax … or is there?  Take a deep breath!

When “positive” has the upper hand, you can label this as: “you keep yourself busy with altered states of mind where you can have .out of body experiences. [OOBE]”.  These are processes and imagenings, that are not related  to .not resolved issues..
Or you are in – what is commonly known as – an hypnotic state [1]. A state where you are deeply relaxed, your mind is relaxed and your body is relaxed. In this hypnotic state you can enter the realm of your subconscious [.in body experience.] You can talk to this .other I.. The one that supports you, protects you and wants to cooperate with your conscious. The goal of this state in general is to assist you to reprogram your subconscious to act in a different way. Thus supporting you to be able to live life to its fullest.

Now this is a black and white picture. But more often then not there are various shades of gray.

Train you neurological system to become more sensitive.

When you are relaxed, your brain is in a different state. It produces .alpha. waves and when you relax even deeper your brain produces .theta. waves. [Brainwaves]
Many studies have shown that it is benificial to train yourself to have your brain produce slower brainwaves (other then .Beta. waves).

Furthermore a .clear. neurological system – free from old triggers – can help you amp up the capacity of your neurological pathways, which is the main goal of meditation.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

[1] Hypnosis – for me – is the whole picture of the balance with the scales. And the optimal hypnotic state is that of H plus, where you have the heightend awareness of the moment. The latter state can help a practitioner in  healthcare – in general – to produce better result with his session.

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now | possibilities of the moment

The possibilities of now

Recently I had a group conversation on where I stated: “A correction is always made in the now” and “All therapy is based in hypnosis”. [LinkedIn 1LinkedIn 2]

Hallo, my name is Huib Salomons and I am a practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology. I took part in a discussions on LinkedIn: Muscle Testing Kinesiology. In these discussions I made these statements: “A correction is always made in the now” and All therapy is based in hypnosis”. The group was not very pleased, because they did not interpret their work as such. Nevertheless I have to stay behind my statements, because I came on them through my work as practitioner.

Fact is … discussions can trigger one to think more deeply about the subject. And that is what this blog is all about.

Possibilities of the now

Muscle testing is our tool of the trade. When we do not measure, we do not know where we are. When you do not know what to correct and how to correct, you are making educated guesses. When you correct an indicator change – muscle test reversing in indication -, you may hold points, release tissue, do NLP-like interventions etc.

  • “A correction is always made in the now” is based on the fact that – as I learned at NOT  – correction(s) are first made in the .present state.. It is required you remember this sequence. Then you look for imbalances .in time. while you test. When you find an indicator change you correct this imbalance with the same corrections you found earlier (Timeline correction). Because there is only .now., you now have the possibility to release these trigger effect(s) you find while you travel along the timeline and you use the same sequence as you used while you were in the .present state..
  • All therapy is based in hypnosis”. This traveling along the timeline, is only possible because we  can .dream. ourselves in times past, times to come and what ever you can imagine. (I use my own recognized possiblities on the timeline)
    And while you .dream. yourself into other times you are in hypnosis (sleep).

Living is the .now. is key. Ever since my adolescence I am intrigued by Mindfulness as lectured by Krishnamurti, Sri Aurobindo, Paramahansa Yogananda. I must admit until now I am only dreaming about it, idealizing it. Living in the .now. is a must for every being in this Universe.

What makes it impossible for most of us to live in the .now.? Our unresolved experiences! Unresolved experiences live on the timeline. They distract us from being in the .now., because they constantly are triggered as we do what we do. The subconscious is constantly throwing them into our consciousness so you have the possibility to learn and let go.

It is our goal as practitioners of Specialized Kinesiology to help clients overcome these unresolved experiences, so we have to ability to live in the .now.. And while we were learning Specialized Kinesiology we ourselves were subject to these changes that occur because of this work.

There is only now. My favorite books were “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” (Robert M. Pirsig), books from Carlos Castaneda and  about Mindfulness. They gave me the insight of the importance of .now. I am writing about here.

What happens when you live totally in the .now.? You have the ability to experience altered states of being. Physically, it means your neurological systems are free from distractions (emotional, physical) so the capacity of energy can amp up along the “wires”. Thus giving you sensations of altered states of being. It gives us the ability to tune in to that what Always Is.

According to Carlos Castaneda, living in the .now. is “bringing your world to a stop“, meaning your “thinking ceases and you are“. This is the ultimate state of mindfulness.

At Specialized Kinesiology  we aim to “defuse stresses” (3-in-1 Concepts) in the neurological systems, tissues, feeling/thinking.

One of the most important areas in the neurological system to defuse of stresses, is the brainstem/midbrain. It is important to defuse these areas, because they resemble our reptilian brain. The part of our brain that is responsible for survival. Result of activation/defusing these areas have astonishing possibilities [midbrain activation]

With this blog I gave you the reason why I wanted to write this blog, I gave you insight in how a stress defusion may occur and most of all I gave a hint to the importance of living in the .now.

Living it the .now. is the only time we have.
Living in the .now. opens ways to expericience altered states of being.

Ain’t that cool.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology

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Ondamed | electro magnetic acupuncture

Ondamed transmits soundwaves

The Ondamed frequency generator (ONDAMED) is build in such a way that it can transmit through the handheld, neck and/or other applicators:

  • Frequency Modulated waves (FM)
  • Amplitude Modulated waves (AM)
  • Electro magnetic Modulated waves (EM)

It is with these Electro magnetic Modulated waves this frequency generator is working on the acupuncture meridians, as the programmed waves are all corresponding with well defined frequencies that correlate with the meridians we all know too well from acupuncture. The AM and FM waves are added as an add-on to the transmission.

Ondamed machine with applicators (neck and hand)

Variation is obtained by:

  • Octave
  • Length of time
  • Intensity

Using the computer program

I use the computer program to make my life working with the Ondamed easy. The computer is connected to the Ondamed and can interface directly with the Ondamed’s operating system.

This computer program works as a graphical user interface (GUI), so I have more flexibility in my performance. I ideomotor-test my own scripts and save them as an .oda file.

In fact I started to save the results (script) from program 11 in my directory called “OnTheFly”, for future use. A beautiful resourceful name don’t you think?! Why save these scripts? Because testing and working with clients I may have stumbled over a series of frequencies that refer to an usable combination in my overall repertoire of programs/scripts that are Universal in nature. In doing so – in time – I will have a whole repository of scripts Mind Body Spirit wants me to select from.

A beautiful thing is that it is possible to select a single line as “Main Line”. The purpose of this main line is that it offers me the possibility to work with this line only.

The influence from Mind Body Spirit

As we are using ideomotor indicators as Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) or muscle testing, we tune into to intelligence of Mind Body Spirit. Ergo we heavily build on the input on the bodies intelligence.

[ 1 ] … The most effective way of determining the optimal frequencies is through “biofeedback” using the radial arterial pulse commonly known as VAS.

The VAS evolved from the work of a French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier, who taught neurology at the medical school in Lyon, France. In 1966, Dr. Nogier discovered that the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) was evoked in the radial pulse when he touched certain points on the ear of a patient.
Subsequently, he discovered that the arterial system responds in a reproducible manner to a variety of changes to key physiological systems in the body.

To be specific, the VAS is a rapid change in the tone of the smooth muscles in the walls of the arterial system throughout the body, mediated by sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons.
Detectable changes in the pulse are triggered by specific events within the body. The effect is consistent and is both repeatable and measurable by modern equipment.

The response that is felt by the practitioner is a qualitative variation in the perception of the pulse that begins from 1 to 3 cycles after the stimulus begins and continues for about 8 to 15 cardiac cycles.
Dr. Nogier found that there are four pulse responses to stimuli:
1. no response,
2. the weakening of the pulse signal (negative VAS),
3. increase of the pulse signal (positive VAS), and
4. a sharp pulse spike.

These responses occur from colors, magnetically induced currents, sound frequencies, light waves, emotions, touch, substances, and electromagnetic frequencies. Both diagnostic and therapeutic tools are based on this phenomenon.

Note: VAS is sometimes referred to as Peripheral Arterial Tonometry (PAT).

Yes, I am aware using this ideomotor-method – because of its premises – is not for everyone, because there are many that can not or will not rely on the input of something obscure as Mind Body Spirit. So be it!

In the practice

I find this apparatus an asset to my practice as I work with specialized kinesiology. Even though I still don’t know its effects, I know Mind Body Spirit ask for it to use in every session. Sometimes speeding up the session dramatically.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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Ondamed | electro acupuncture with sound

Electro acupuncture with sound

“ONDAMED is a battery-powered biofeedback device that a medical practitioner uses to determine which frequencies of sound, as well as the accompanying weak pulsed electromagnetic fields, cause a response in a patient’s autonomic nervous system.

Temporary stimulation by these frequencies, combined with the patient’s cognitive and non-cognitive participation, promotes relaxation, muscle re-education, and rehabilitation that returns the body to its former state of wellness.” [Ondamed.net]

Working with the Ondamed device

Recently I started my research into working with the Ondamed device and exploring whether the result is beneficial for my clients or not.

The Ondamed device is a sophisticated sound generator that transmits its soundwaves through “applicators” (neck and handheld or otherwise). Each applicator emits focused electromagnetic fields. The soundwaves vary from .1 to 32,000 Hz.

Programs and modules . There is a standard database of programs (scripts) ranging from 10 to 174. A normal procedure starts with balancing the acupuncture-meridian system (11, module 1). After which Mind Body Spirit can project 1. a series of programs (12 to 174, module 2), 2. select a rebalancing for micro organisms according to Rife and Clark (module 3), or 3. rebalancing nutritional points (Ridler) (module 4).

What does it mean, “Mind Body Spirit can project” – This system relies  on the premisis of the validation of biofeedback mechanisms like the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) or muscle testing. The explanation for both methods are understood in terms of ideomotor responses. When the practitioner discerns an ideomotor response it is to be interpreted as a “need” from  the Mind Body Spirit connection.

Note: It is too easy to refer only to a subconscious construct, because there is more than just something like the “subconscious” that restrains us from performing optimal as we live our life.

My experiences until now. The application of these soundwaves by means of the applicators is very soothing. This is the first overall observation: people tend to fall asleep, while the soundwaves are transmitted and the client is laying on the table. They even have dreams in this short time, around 12 minutes. They can have tingling sensations and even dry mouth sensations. As this is a standard observation I make myself to have a glass of water ready for drinking after the  transmission.
As to the claim of health changing experiences I myself do not have any data yet.

Of course I do not refrain from applying it on myself. I find myself having a peaceful mind. As a true practitioner I hold myself to the first rule of engagement: Mind Body Spirit shows you the way. After all it is not my balance I am after, but that of Mind Body and Spirit.

The essence. The transmission of specific electromagnetic modulated (EM) waves whether or not along with AM and/or FM waves is focused on balancing out the acupuncture meridians in such a way Mind Body Spirit find stimulation, sedation or equalisation by stimulation of the electromagnetic field.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

Ondamed Case Studies
Ondamed training with Karin van Huelsen
Ondamed Practitioners in The Netherlands

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The importance of goal setting

Always have an objective in mind

Today I listened to Kenrick Cleveland as he talks about Rapport (as in NLP). The one thing that struck me in this recording was the part where he says:

“You have to have a goal – an objective – in your mind with anything you do”.

There is real truth behind this saying, because when you have a goal – an objective – your subconscious will help you get what it is that you are focusing on.

Let me explain what I am saying. Years ago I had this client of mine.  The thought of her came to mind while I was reading. She had problems with her throat, she had blurred vision and sometimes problems with peeing.

So I said to myself, “what may be the problem here?” (objective).

I recently spoke with a homeopath and he talked about MIASM, psora, sycosis and syphilis. In that line of thinking and all that I can remember, I came with the idea to muscle test and came up with Chlamydia as a possible culprit.

Googling for Chlamydia, I found several texts that mentioned that issue with blurred vision. I researched further into what Chlamydia is and what to do when you think you have it.

Then I asked  myself the question what other possible therapy is possible then the normal chemistry (objective) .

After some  time I laid myself to rest for some time and when I woke up I picked up a book and that led me to a possible answer: Australian Bush flower remedy Spinifex.
Yet another possibility is to treat for yeast infection.

Of course I don’t tell the whole story, but the point I want to make is clear:

It is important to have a goal – an objective – in mind with everything you do … and your conscious and your subconscious will support you in your endevor.

Huib Salomons,
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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Attract attention through use of exact fascination triggers

Sally Hogshead – How to Fascinate

Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and CaptivationMarketing Consumer Behavior Books) was written by Sally Hogshead.

In this presentation – you find on this blog post – held for TEDxAtlanta Sally Hogshead matches the idea of “online dating” with “getting people to come to your site or at least visit your business“.

She states that in this day and age of computers and internet our attention time has diminished to merely 9 seconds. So what is one to do to get someones attention in only 9 seconds … that is right … you have to fascinate the visitor’s mind.

Arouse attention through :fascination: in 9 seconds or less

It all comes down to how to arouse the visitor’s fascination within 9 seconds. You will find everyone is wired differently and – as  she found – these 7 fascination triggers can trigger a visitor – like you – to take the time to investigate a little bit further into the offered proposition.

The 7 triggers are:

  • VICE

And after you have got the people’s attention you get the chance to communicate more intimately, because you have got something the visitor wants to learn more about. Something you want people to get excited about so they want to buy from you readily.

People are fascinated by a combination of primary and secondary triggers (behavioral motivators). The primary trigger is the driver, while the secondary supports the driver and activates extended motivations. In this video she shows some examples of real people where these triggers rule by example.

Trigger Response Expression
POWER Take command Strength to get things done
PASSION Attract with emotion Pulls close, warmth, humanity
MYSTIQUE Arouse curiosity Curiosity, unpredictable
PRESTIGE Increase respect High goals, elevates
ALARM Create urgency Push for emergency
VICE Change the game Creativity, surprise, deviate from the norm
TRUST Build loyalty Consistency

Once you know how to use the fascination triggers in your sales letter you will find that people react more directly to the way you want them to respond.

Can you imagine what you can do with this information and the sales you are going to make? Or what about the ‘soul’ mate you will find … when you apply this information about arousing fascination in 9 seconds to your personal ad?

Watch Sally Hogshead for TEDxAtlanta

TEDxAtlanta – Sally Hogshead – How to Fascinate  In today’s world of 9-second attention spans, our introductions mean more-than-ever before. Sally Hogshead reveals the seven triggers of fascination and how to get others to fall in love with your ideas, instantly. Thank you to Definition 6 for provi…

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