Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book

What’s Inside Trick Photography and Special Effects 2.0?

“Discover How To Start Taking Amazing Photos Like This In The Next 20 Minutes – Even If You Don’t Have A Fancy Camera …”

Here’s the deal –

If you want to be able to take the really cool photos – those crazy special effects images others just can’t figure out – what I’m about to share with you will blow your mind…

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You see, there are a handful of simple, easy techniques that can totally transform how you use and view your camera – and they’re so quick to grasp, they’ll make a difference for you the very next time you snap a picture.

So if you want to learn to do these amazing things with Photography here is where you go to:

: Evan Sharboneau :
[Youtube: PhotoExtremist]

Trick Photography eBook is the greatest guide accessible in the market …

Trick Photography eBook REVIEW – is SCAM? | Ohio Reviews. ‘Trick photography and Special Effects’ is actually greatest guide accessible in the market in which contains the complete gamut

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Create Ebooks » Multiplicity Photography Tutorial

Also be sure to check out my Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book: Video Rating: 4 / 5. Tagged with: [ Multiplicity, Photography, Tutorial ]. You can follow any responses to this entry through

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29 Choosing Your First Lens for a DSLR Camera
30 Photoshop Tutorial: Halloween Time-Lapse
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33 Photography Tutorial: Light Painting and Special Effects
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36 DSLR Basics: White Balance
37 Photography Tutorial: Fake Smoke

P.S. When you are getting excited to learn more check out:

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Ondamed | electro acupuncture with sound

Electro acupuncture with sound

“ONDAMED is a battery-powered biofeedback device that a medical practitioner uses to determine which frequencies of sound, as well as the accompanying weak pulsed electromagnetic fields, cause a response in a patient’s autonomic nervous system.

Temporary stimulation by these frequencies, combined with the patient’s cognitive and non-cognitive participation, promotes relaxation, muscle re-education, and rehabilitation that returns the body to its former state of wellness.” []

Working with the Ondamed device

Recently I started my research into working with the Ondamed device and exploring whether the result is beneficial for my clients or not.

The Ondamed device is a sophisticated sound generator that transmits its soundwaves through “applicators” (neck and handheld or otherwise). Each applicator emits focused electromagnetic fields. The soundwaves vary from .1 to 32,000 Hz.

Programs and modules . There is a standard database of programs (scripts) ranging from 10 to 174. A normal procedure starts with balancing the acupuncture-meridian system (11, module 1). After which Mind Body Spirit can project 1. a series of programs (12 to 174, module 2), 2. select a rebalancing for micro organisms according to Rife and Clark (module 3), or 3. rebalancing nutritional points (Ridler) (module 4).

What does it mean, “Mind Body Spirit can project” – This system relies  on the premisis of the validation of biofeedback mechanisms like the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) or muscle testing. The explanation for both methods are understood in terms of ideomotor responses. When the practitioner discerns an ideomotor response it is to be interpreted as a “need” from  the Mind Body Spirit connection.

Note: It is too easy to refer only to a subconscious construct, because there is more than just something like the “subconscious” that restrains us from performing optimal as we live our life.

My experiences until now. The application of these soundwaves by means of the applicators is very soothing. This is the first overall observation: people tend to fall asleep, while the soundwaves are transmitted and the client is laying on the table. They even have dreams in this short time, around 12 minutes. They can have tingling sensations and even dry mouth sensations. As this is a standard observation I make myself to have a glass of water ready for drinking after the  transmission.
As to the claim of health changing experiences I myself do not have any data yet.

Of course I do not refrain from applying it on myself. I find myself having a peaceful mind. As a true practitioner I hold myself to the first rule of engagement: Mind Body Spirit shows you the way. After all it is not my balance I am after, but that of Mind Body and Spirit.

The essence. The transmission of specific electromagnetic modulated (EM) waves whether or not along with AM and/or FM waves is focused on balancing out the acupuncture meridians in such a way Mind Body Spirit find stimulation, sedation or equalisation by stimulation of the electromagnetic field.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

Ondamed Case Studies
Ondamed training with Karin van Huelsen
Ondamed Practitioners in The Netherlands

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The importance of goal setting

Always have an objective in mind

Today I listened to Kenrick Cleveland as he talks about Rapport (as in NLP). The one thing that struck me in this recording was the part where he says:

“You have to have a goal – an objective – in your mind with anything you do”.

There is real truth behind this saying, because when you have a goal – an objective – your subconscious will help you get what it is that you are focusing on.

Let me explain what I am saying. Years ago I had this client of mine.  The thought of her came to mind while I was reading. She had problems with her throat, she had blurred vision and sometimes problems with peeing.

So I said to myself, “what may be the problem here?” (objective).

I recently spoke with a homeopath and he talked about MIASM, psora, sycosis and syphilis. In that line of thinking and all that I can remember, I came with the idea to muscle test and came up with Chlamydia as a possible culprit.

Googling for Chlamydia, I found several texts that mentioned that issue with blurred vision. I researched further into what Chlamydia is and what to do when you think you have it.

Then I asked  myself the question what other possible therapy is possible then the normal chemistry (objective) .

After some  time I laid myself to rest for some time and when I woke up I picked up a book and that led me to a possible answer: Australian Bush flower remedy Spinifex.
Yet another possibility is to treat for yeast infection.

Of course I don’t tell the whole story, but the point I want to make is clear:

It is important to have a goal – an objective – in mind with everything you do … and your conscious and your subconscious will support you in your endevor.

Huib Salomons,
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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Attract attention through use of exact fascination triggers

Sally Hogshead – How to Fascinate

Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and CaptivationMarketing Consumer Behavior Books) was written by Sally Hogshead.

In this presentation – you find on this blog post – held for TEDxAtlanta Sally Hogshead matches the idea of “online dating” with “getting people to come to your site or at least visit your business“.

She states that in this day and age of computers and internet our attention time has diminished to merely 9 seconds. So what is one to do to get someones attention in only 9 seconds … that is right … you have to fascinate the visitor’s mind.

Arouse attention through :fascination: in 9 seconds or less

It all comes down to how to arouse the visitor’s fascination within 9 seconds. You will find everyone is wired differently and – as  she found – these 7 fascination triggers can trigger a visitor – like you – to take the time to investigate a little bit further into the offered proposition.

The 7 triggers are:

  • VICE

And after you have got the people’s attention you get the chance to communicate more intimately, because you have got something the visitor wants to learn more about. Something you want people to get excited about so they want to buy from you readily.

People are fascinated by a combination of primary and secondary triggers (behavioral motivators). The primary trigger is the driver, while the secondary supports the driver and activates extended motivations. In this video she shows some examples of real people where these triggers rule by example.

Trigger Response Expression
POWER Take command Strength to get things done
PASSION Attract with emotion Pulls close, warmth, humanity
MYSTIQUE Arouse curiosity Curiosity, unpredictable
PRESTIGE Increase respect High goals, elevates
ALARM Create urgency Push for emergency
VICE Change the game Creativity, surprise, deviate from the norm
TRUST Build loyalty Consistency

Once you know how to use the fascination triggers in your sales letter you will find that people react more directly to the way you want them to respond.

Can you imagine what you can do with this information and the sales you are going to make? Or what about the ‘soul’ mate you will find … when you apply this information about arousing fascination in 9 seconds to your personal ad?

Watch Sally Hogshead for TEDxAtlanta

TEDxAtlanta – Sally Hogshead – How to Fascinate  In today’s world of 9-second attention spans, our introductions mean more-than-ever before. Sally Hogshead reveals the seven triggers of fascination and how to get others to fall in love with your ideas, instantly. Thank you to Definition 6 for provi…

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CHPH | conversational hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotist (CHPH)

Why do people visit hypnotists?

You know these phrases like “I don’t know what to do?”, “I want to quit smoking”, “I want to lose weight”, “I am claustrophobic”, don’t you?!

What is the general problem with those people?  While on the surface they feel stuck in their thinking-feeling process, on the deeper level their unconscious is working for their best programmed intention(s) and in doing so preventing them from being able to act freely.

Positive thinking is only effective to the extent that it only touches the surface, while in the mean time  people are unaware of the intention(s) of the unconscious when not addressed properly. And this part is why so many people fail to resolve their problem adequately.

Why is hypnosis the best way to go, for those people?

As you relax while you go into a trance while the hypnotist is talking you in that deeper state of relaxation. As a client you find yourself  opening to the realm of imagery. Because you know, your nervous system is set up to flash impulses that trigger neurons that make you re-sense the images that are stored in the system. At least that is what I experienced while I was deeply relaxed.

In this state I experienced these impressions (gestalts), just as you will when you are in this relaxed state. Gestalts take shapes and forms as you become aware of images, words, sounds and/or smells. It is as if you are remembering something. The only problem is the way your nervous system is storing the received information. Your nervous system does not store information in an analogue way, it rather removes “not important” information. Only to keep the relevant information, just like images are stored in a .jpg-format or something alike.

The problem with this way of storing information. Look-alike information is linked to it or it is linked to look-alike information. And that is the source for the staying of the problem. Even if you want to let go of it with positive thinking. So many different  instances of intensity and memories are likely to get linked to each other. That is why once a certain problem people has been worked on and resolved, they experience various linked problems dissolved as well. As if they never existed.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing?!

The above is an example of conversational hypnosis you might hear when you would be hypnotized by me from now on. The words came out of my pen, just as easy as they came out of my mind. The key is to be in “H+”, a state where you are tuned in to the client and are aware of the “energy” at hand.  (Watch this video) Molded around words like because, every time, and, or, as, even. Do you recognize this strategy?!

Extract of the CHPH training seminar

Hypnosis is about ABS-formula:

A = Attract attention
B = Bypass critical factor
S = Stimulate unconscious mind

Professional Conversational Hypnosis is about PCAT-formula:

P = Define Parameter (problem, when, where, how, difference)
C = Bypass critical factor
A = Access Resources
T = Transform en Test

The result of learning how to hypnotize conversationally is that you get to learn to speak fluently whether you are in a conversation or in a regular hypnosis session. Using these techniques you master conversational hypnosis easily and quickly.

This CHPH training seminar is extremely “hands-on” as you get to practize these learnings step-by-step so you always get to remember what the next step can or should be!

Attending it was quite intensive, because while I did hypnotizing sessions during the day I found myself talking to me in mind bending and blitz language in the light sleep part in the night. Cumulating into a true cascade of colorful dreams in the last night of my training.

Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnosis is the training you must take to feel comfortable to do hypnotic interventions when en where ever you sense it is required AND give you the sense how easy hypnosis really is!

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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Kickstart your dreams

How To Kickstart Your Dreams

What are your goals and dreams?
What do you want to use hypnosis to achieve?
And more importantly HOW are you going to do it?

You see I get a lot of questions about HOW to get things done so I wanted to share with you the “action management” system that I use.
I’ve written an article called, “How To Kickstart Your Dreams”

I hope you find it helpful…

[Clifford Mee].

Getting things done, manage Time better

This will make some people angry as hell, but it’s time to debunk the myth of ‘Time Management’ while sharing the real secret of getting things done.

Let’s face it, many so called “gurus” tell us to ‘manage time better’ or to become ‘ruthless with time’ if we want to achieve their level of success.

What rubbish!

You cannot manage time itself. It continues along happily doing its thing, whatever you do.

I’ve read countless systems on ‘time management’ and the majority take so long to implement and keep track of, you get even less done than you did before!

Manage your actions. Action is destiny

If it’s impossible to manage time then manage your actions instead. This is the key to launching new projects, completing existing ones and to at least doubling your current output without having to do any more work.

Self-improvement celebrity, Tony Robbins, said “Action is destiny.” He’s spot on. If you start managing your actions, the impact on what you get done will amaze you and you’ll accomplish your goals and dreams.

Your 5 Simple Steps To Action Management

  1. Write down a master list of actions you need to do which directly lead you towards your goals.

    TipHave at least 3-6 items on your daily manageable action list. Write this up the day before you use it. Depending on how many of these you complete determines whether you need to add more items to the list or whether you need to break the items down into smaller chunks instead.

  2. Set aside between 1 and 5 ‘Prime Action Hours’ every day. Prime time where you will do nothing except the most important activities. Refer to your master list and immediately cross each item out once it’s done.

    Tip During your Prime Action Hours you DO NOT: Take phone calls, Check your email, Break for meetings, Chat with fellow office workers or friends or Read the mail. You need to get current outside distractions to support your new routine. If you work from home get agreement from your family to only interrupt you in an emergency during your prime action hours.

  3. Get Yourself a Timer and set it to 50 or 55 minutes. You work without distractions for this long during each prime action hour.

    TipThis stretch of time gives you more efficiency by making you more accountable for what you do in each Prime Action Hour. It also lets you know when to take an important quick break.

  4. Carry a pen and paper or a voice recorder with you during your breaks between any Prime Action Hours.

    TipDuring the breaks you’ll find new ideas, thoughts and strategies will surface in your mind. The brain often makes new connections as you relax after a very focused session. Make sure you jot them down to record them. You’ll find them invaluable. Don’t neglect to do this. An unrecorded idea is usually lost forever.

  5. Set yourself a weekly target. When you reach it, reward yourself how you like. You don’t need to do any more Prime Action Hours for the rest of the week.
    Revise your weekly income target upwards at least every 90 days.  

    TipHaving a weekly target gives your Prime Action Hours a specific goal to achieve. Purpose is the most important ingredient when it comes to action. For some people it’s realistic to do a maximum of five Prime Action Hours each day without impacting too much on the rest of the day.  Some people will only manage one prime action hour each day. That’s okay. Over a year this will still amount to an enormous difference in you achieving your dreams.

Real power in these five steps

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing or forgetting what you just read. There’s real power in this quick and easy 5 step action management system.

In fact I urge you to start right now. Get out a piece of paper and write down your master list for tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you can only manage one prime action hour to start with. You can increase the number as you create more focus for yourself.

I hope you found this article useful. And I hope you use its ideas to move your dreams or your life using hypnosis forward in a big way.

Cliff Mee – Street Hypnosis
Certified Master Ericksonian Hypnotist
Certified Hypnotherapist (American Board Of Hypnotherapy)
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Certified NLP Modelling by John Grinder (co-founder of NLP)
Certified Success Life Coach

(c) Street Hypnosis. All Rights Reserved 2011

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Stop smoking with EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Your need for a smoke can be based on a traumatic experience

When you are a habitual smoker, you may have started smoking because of some traumatic experience. I wrote “you may have”, you never know until you have tested if this be the case. So having said this, you may want to try EMDR for stopping the “feeling for a smoke”. At the end of this article you are presented a procedure for getting rid of “the feeling of the need for a smoke”.

EMDR: A Type of Trauma Therapy – There are many approaches to trauma work, and Eye_Movement_Desensitization_and_Reprocessing (EMDR) is one of them. Read more: wiki

Youtube watch:

EMDR was created by Francine Shapiro, and utilizes a combination of therapeutic approaches with bilateral stimulation i.e. the use of alternating, right-left tracking that can take the form of eye movements, sounds, or tactile stimulation. Thus look from left to right and vice versa, hear a sound coming in from the left and then from the right, touching left side and then the right side and vice versa.

EMDR helps process the troubling thoughts, feelings, sensations, and images of what happened to you. It activates your nervous system and your internal healing mechanisms (body mind spirit) to release what got “locked in” during and after the traumatic experience. While doing the therapy your body mind spirit reprocess what thinking-feeling experiences of been stored. The result will be that body mind spirit  “buys” into the feeling-thinking  that you are safer now. It can stop giving you the fight, flight, or freeze response around what happened, thus reducing your symptoms of traumatic stress.

EMDR Therapy for PTSD… The detailed mechanisms for how EMDR works is still under investigation, but it is hypothesized to increase the ability to process the event, reduce the distress and may be related to rapid eye movements (REM) in sleep.

A 2007 study in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry compared EMDR, medication (Prozac) and a placebo to determine their efficacy during treatment and 6 months later. The results showed EMDR created “substantial and sustained reduction of PTSD and depression in most victims of adult-onset trauma.” Compared to placebo, both medication and EMDR were equally superior, however at 6 months 58% of EMDR subjects were asymptomatic compared to none in the medication group. …
Publish Date: 06/02/2010 0:21

Stop Smoking with EMDR

Now you know about EMDR, this is the time to test yourself whether you can frree your self from your smoking habits. So, follow these steps and stop smoking! Free yourself of the “feeling for a smoke”.

Step 1: On youtube there is this video: Get it on wide screen. It is 8:22 minute long. 

Step 2: Prepare yourself so that you can not be disturbed while you are watching the video and get yourself some music to listen to. At least 9 minutes long.

Step 2: Get yourself in the state that gives you “the feeling of the need for a smoke!”.

Note: That is easy to do. Just get yourself seated and RELAX and feel-think of that “feeling of the need for a smoke!”. When you are relaxed, your subconscious knows it! Breath in … and breath out!

Step3 : When you are relaxed, start the video and follow the RED spot with your eyes while you keep your head still. Only your eyes move.

Step 4: Watch the sensations in and around your body, while your are watching the video. “Do you smell something, feel something, hear something, see something (with your mind’s eye)??!”  Observe!

Note: This is where mindfulness kicks in. Shinzen Young: “Just observe, name it … and let go!”.

Step 5: After you have watched the video. You may want to drink some water. And be quiet for  a few moments. Let it all sink in.

REPEAT THIS PROCEDURE until you experience a change in the “feeling of the need for a smoke”.


1) It is some kind of self hypnosis in relation to the sensations in your body! Becoming aware of these sensations is the first step in letting go of the “feeling for a smoke”.

2) While it is being offered for “stop smoking”, you may use this procedure for other traumatic experiences.


Being mindful with everything you experience, will make you a “free person”.

Huib Salomons.

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Pitch Roll Yaw Skew

Roll, yaw, pitch
Image via Wikipedia

Pitch Roll Yaw Skew

This article on “Replacing Holographic Organs” reminded me of Pitch Roll Yaw Skew, where it stated:

  • “Is it displaced in the front of the body?” Yes/No
  • “Is it displaced behind the body?” Yes/No
  • “Is it rotated to the left?” Yes/No
  • “Is it rotated to the right?” Yes/No
  • “Is it tilted forward?” Yes/No
  • “Is it tilted backward? Yes/No

I relate tilting with Pitch, rotation with Roll/Yaw, displacement with Skew. These are definitions used in aviation to explain a movement of the plane in mid air. It is best to imagine three lines running through an airplane and intersecting at right angles at the airplane’s center of gravity. Rotation in any of these axis gives us a different name.

Definition of Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Skew

  • Pitch, a rotation around the side-to-side axis. Making the airplane lift or dive.
  • Roll, a rotation around the front-to-back axis.
  • Yaw,  a rotation around the vertical axis. Making the airplane drift.
  • Skew, a combination of two or three of the above.

Also see “How Things Fly: Roll”.

“What does it do good to know this?” “Correction, correction, dear Watson!”

Visualization is a powerful tool. Muscle testing for the best possible image helps to give Mind Body Spirit the greatest impact on a correction. A correction that always follows a muscle test, for eventually that is what applied/specialized kinesiology is about. Vizualisation is the tool to make changes in the neural pathways merely using the power of the mind.

Once you have the best possible image you can take that as the “imbalance” that needs correction. You might let the person take that position and test what needs to be done. Yet another possibility is, you let the person visualize this position and let him/her imagine what needs to be done to make it return to its best end position. These are you two examples of corrections you can offer to Mind Body Spirit to make a difference.

Before you do the correction(s) you might muscle test to know the best possible end result and test in what end position (change in pitch, roll, yaw, skew) the “holographic organ” needs to be to confirm a success.

You may go wild in your solution to the problem, because the possibilities are unlimited.

Huib Salomons, Apeldoorn – The Netherlands

Imagine three lines running through an airplane and intersecting at right angles at the airplane’s center of gravity.
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Manual Muscle Testing | testing both arms and legs

Manual Muscle Testing | both arms and legs can test differently

Manual muscle testing

Manual muscle testing is a procedure for the evaluation of the function and strength of individual muscles and muscle groups based on effective performance of limb movement in relation to the forces of gravity and manual resistance.

In Applied Kinesiology and Specialized Kinesiology this “strength” is not considered a measure for the quality of the muscle, rather a signal for the practitioner to sense the way Mind Body Spirit perceive a given thought, sensation or what else is being focussed on. This manual muscle testing is performed with (very) light pressure. As this testing is more of an indication of the neurlogical pathways then a testing of the muscle quality sec. It is the job ot the practitioner to resolve the “weak” OR “blocked” muscle test.

DEFINITION:  A good muscle test is a muscle test where the muscle is “strong” and the muscle reacts positive on a spindle cell manipulation technique.

Types of muscle contractions are: a) isometric (static), b) concentric, c) isotonic, d) isokinetic, and e) eccentric. (Wiki: Muscle contraction)

  1. Isometric contractions:  occurs when there is tension developed within the muscle but no movement occurs. The two insertion sites do not change positions, and the muscle length does not change.
  2. Concentric contractions: tension within the muscle is build up, the two insertion sites move closer together, and the muscle shortens.
  3. Isotonic contactions: while tension remains unchanged, the muscle’s length changes. Lifting an object at a constant speed is an example of isotonic contractions
  4. Isokinetic contactions:  the muscle contraction velocity remains constant, while force is allowed to vary.
  5. Eccentric contractions: tension is released while performing the muscle test. Thus moving the limb away from the body.
When a limb is being tested in Applied Kinesiology and Specialized Kinesiology, this limb is intentionally tested with isometric contraction in mind. The experience of no movement is considered “Strong” (the limb stays stationary). When the testperson experiences an isotonic contraction this movement is called “Weak” (the limb moves). Oftentimes the testperson wants to counteract this movement of the limb and tries to succomb this “weakness” with concentric contractions. Only to find eccentric contractions in the tested muscle.

Three functional classifications of muscles are used with Manual Muscle Testing: a) prime mover or agonist, b) antagonist, and c) synergist.

  1. The agonist muscle or muscle group makes the major contribution to movement at a joint.
  2. Antagonist muscles have an opposite action to the agonists. To some degree, the antagoist muscle relaxes as the agonist moves.
  3. Synergists are muscles that work along with agonists to produce the desired movement. They can work in three characteristic ways: as a) neutralizing or counteracting synergists (prevent unwanted movements), b) conjoint synergists (work together to produce the desired movement), or c) stabilizing or fixating synergists (stabilize proximal joint movement).”
In Applied Kinesiology and Specialized Kinesiology there is a distinct notion that certain muscles are related to certain meridians. This knowledge is basic in Touch for Health. For everyone of the 12 main acupuncture meridians there is a muscle and to these are added 2 of the extra meridians (Conception Vessel and Governor Vessel). So testing these specific muscles one has an indication of a problem within the related meridian OR the resembled organ OR something else. It is in Applied Physiology (Richard Utt) where there is a method of testing the antagonist is part of the procedure.

Testing both arm and legs can show a difference

At Three in One Concepts it is considered normal practize to test both arms and/or legs. In my practize I often experience situations where the result of a muscle test of the left side is different from that of the right side. When I find the left side to be “weak” the main driver for this indicator change is of emotional nature. When I find the right side to be “weak” the main driver for this indicator change is that of trouble with that what is. Looking for these aberrations is part of the challenge of performing muscle testing. The other part is to find the required correction to make this “abnormal muscle test stop from occuring. Until now I have always found the right “buttons” to push.

What ever end result you may find, I urge you to test both left and right limbs. Just as it is common practize in Three in Once Concepts. Get your self the opportunity not to overlook this occurence.

Huib Salomons, Apeldoorn – The Netherlands

Manual Muscle testing | Scribd
The Amygdala Brain Physiology | Richard Utt

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Infrasound | Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy PAS

Infrasound | Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy (PAS)

Next Wave Benelux 

Hoefslag 11a
5411LS Zeeland (N.Br.)

T 0486 45 37 27
F 0486 45 20 41

Feeling better through low frequency sound energy | infrasound

Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy is a Finnish development of application of infrasound. PAS therapy is done while you are laying on a special chair or bed, with build-in soundboxes. Both the chair and the bed are connected to a PC, that generates pre-programmed low frequency sound waves (27-113 Hz). The chair and the bed are designed to let the sound waves optimally penetrate the body using a patented method.

Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy increases the energy in the body at the cellular level. Be it lying on the bed, chair, low frequency sound energy (infrasound) flows through all organs and tissues of the body. When the energy is not flowing properly in our bodily functions stagnate. The running program modules generate low frequency sound energy simular to the frequency of the target organs and tissues. This excites organs and tissues with the a positive effect on the removal of waste out of the tissues and organs. As a result Physio Acoustic Sound therapy (PAS) has a beneficial effect on the circulation in tissue and organs.

Sertonin, the happy hormone

Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy enables our body to produce serotonin. Such with the effect of lower adrenalin levels in the blood. Now the body can relax and function properly. Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy is a ‘must’ for everyone, in special after a daily routine of heavy exercise.

Effects of PAS therapy:

  • improves bloodflow
  • relaxes muscles
  • reduces pain

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has officially approved the PAS therapy. Research papers mention experiences of beneficial effects such as relaxation, pain relief, stimulation of the circulation.

Even in the Netherlands medical scienctific research has started to examen the effects of the infrasound application of the PAS-therapy.

PAS therapy at this moment is used at:

  • care and nursing home
  • institutions for the disabled
  • pain clinics
  • rehabilitation centres
  • therapy offices

Live-demonstration of PAS

It is possible to visit the showroom in Zeeland (North Brabant, The Netherlands) for a demonstration. You get a clarification about using PAS and the various opportunities it offers. We are pleased to let you experience PAS yourself, to have a feeling of what PAS can do for you and your clients. For a greatly reduced price of € 12.50 you can experience Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy. € 2.50 will go to a special fund. Call us for an appointment.

Experiences with PAS

Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy  (infrasound) has helped me off of pain and stress and gave me back a good night sleep.

Watch the videos show with positive experiences of PAS therapy.

In short, there is nothing so important to go through life free of pain and PAS allows you to make it happen!


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