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Stop smoking with EMDR

Procedure for stop “the feeling for need for a smoke”. Smoking can be related to a traumatic experience. You may want to try to activate your senses and be mindful. Let this experience help you stop smoking. Continue reading

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Mindfulness Sati Vipassana Hakalau

The 5th audiobook of Science of Enlightement gives you insight in Mindfulness, Sati, Vipassana, Uptime, Hakalau. It outlines the way to learn that what is nearest to you, your feeling body and thinking body. Continue reading

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Mindfulness: Detangling Feeling | Thinking

Shinzen Young says, “Pink exists because of the color white and red”. He also argues, “Ego and emotion exist because the Feeling body and the Thinking body maintain an issue”.
Meditation being “the sensitization of the body” ultimately is becoming aware of the Sensing body, Feeling body and the Thinking body. Meditation is the basis for a purposeful and painfree life. Continue reading

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Shinzen Young: The Science of Enlightenment

Shinzen Young talks about The Science of Enlightenment in this audiobook (M3|CDA) gives you guided meditations on the physical, emotional and thinking body. Ross Jeffries extracted his own application of these meditations. Continue reading

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Let Ross Jeffries teach you … How to Nail Your Inner Game!

The “Nail Your Inner Game” Frame Think about this. Can you … Take any and all confusion, frustration, and stuckness you’ve ever experienced in ackward situations, and immediately convert it to pure, immediately usable learning. Learnings that bounce you right … Continue reading

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