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Stop smoking with EMDR

Procedure for stop “the feeling for need for a smoke”. Smoking can be related to a traumatic experience. You may want to try to activate your senses and be mindful. Let this experience help you stop smoking. Continue reading

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Religion .. religiere .. reconnect

———————— Reconnect with your Self According to the ancient historian Plutarch, “Know Thyself” was originally the admonition “Gnothi se auton” (“Know Thyself”) inscribed on the Sun god Apollo’s Oracle of Delphi temple in ancient Greece. [Who Am I-Blog] It was … Continue reading

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Physiology of Meditation: Sensitization of the nervous system

The real issue about Meditation. Continue reading

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Sensitization of the Nervous system: Activation of the Plexuses

Sensitization of the nervous system: in action Continue reading

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