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what is it like to be in trance

What is it ike to “be in trance”? In this episode I write about what trance is and the different types of trance I can relate to. Trance is the state where you are .not with what you are doing, because you have an unresolved issue at hand or you play with altered states. Anyway these distractions keep you from experiencing life to its fullest. Continue reading

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The importance of goal setting

Always act with a goal – objective – in mind, so your conscious and subconscious can support you to bring into reality that you are after. You want that, don’t you?!!! Continue reading

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Pauselock: Retentionmode equals Anchoring a State in NLP

Anchoring is a technique in NLP for reactivation of a specific emotion-thought at will. In Kinesiology we use Pauselock or Retention mode to anchor a specific flow of energy. It is stated both the anchoring technique and the Pauselock are based on the same notion. Continue reading

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How to Learn Anchoring Uptime, Hakalau

Tiger Woods uses Uptime to focus and keep his cool. Presentors and teachers are held to anchor Uptime states so they can help their pupils the best way there is, just as Kahunas teach their stuff. In full rapport you will learn everything. Continue reading

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Time, Space, Intention, Bliss in Specialized Kinesiology and NLP

When dimensions like space, time, intention, bliss need stress defusion as indicated by wobbling of the hyoid-bone. Continue reading

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Thinking Blossoms

Inspiration from Nature Let Judy Barber take you by the hand. Looking through her camera, see the world how she sees it. Read about how she thinks about life, work, and everything.  Her goal is to coach, write and give workshops and … Continue reading

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