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Seven steps to Heart based Manifestation

Heart based manifestation is about ‘Inner Peace’. With ‘Heart based manifestation’ one puts ‘Inner Peace’ before ‘The Desire for Wealth or Achievement. 1. Be mindful. 2. Listen to your heart. 3. Belief.
4. Build upon enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for your idea. 5. Focused action. 6. Be patient, be persistent. 7. Be grateful. Continue reading

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Methodology of kinesiology. It is more and hypnosis plays a part

The methodology of kinesiology is more then only muscletesting (muscle monitoring. It requires offering method of handling specific ways for stopping energy from blocking. Continue reading

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Thinking Blossoms

Inspiration from Nature Let Judy Barber take you by the hand. Looking through her camera, see the world how she sees it. Read about how she thinks about life, work, and everything.  Her goal is to coach, write and give workshops and … Continue reading

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Bioresonantie met de BICOM® 2000

De BICOM® is een uniek computergestuurd Bioresonantie apparaat voor zowel diagnose als therapie, gebaseerd op de huidige behoefte van de medische praktijk. De BICOM® wordt ondersteund door 25 jaar ervaring en heeft zich bewezen in de behandeling van chronische ziekten … Continue reading

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How the BICOM® 2000 works

Bicom 2000, Bioresonance can make a real difference Continue reading

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