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Stroke of insight: A powerful story you cannot miss

Invitation for looking to the story told by Jill Bolte Taylor. Continue reading

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Seven steps to Heart based Manifestation

Heart based manifestation is about ‘Inner Peace’. With ‘Heart based manifestation’ one puts ‘Inner Peace’ before ‘The Desire for Wealth or Achievement. 1. Be mindful. 2. Listen to your heart. 3. Belief.
4. Build upon enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for your idea. 5. Focused action. 6. Be patient, be persistent. 7. Be grateful. Continue reading

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Growing your thought / feeling energy creates peace or bliss

Whether you are looking to deepen your meditation, attain self realization or you just simply want to experience more peace and bliss in your life, then learning one of these two meditation techniques is a must. These meditations come down to focus your thought energy. Continue reading

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Mindfulness: Detangling Feeling | Thinking

Shinzen Young says, “Pink exists because of the color white and red”. He also argues, “Ego and emotion exist because the Feeling body and the Thinking body maintain an issue”.
Meditation being “the sensitization of the body” ultimately is becoming aware of the Sensing body, Feeling body and the Thinking body. Meditation is the basis for a purposeful and painfree life. Continue reading

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Here is how to find your blindspot

You will be surprised to notice you have a visual blindspot. And there is a perfectly physical explanation for it too! Continue reading

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Physiology of Meditation: Sensitization of the nervous system

The real issue about Meditation. Continue reading

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