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Meaning of Weak in muscle testing

As you read how to do a muscle test, you learn to understand that muscle testing is a trust in yourself, a learning to rely on the motion (or not) that you will perceive. Something you will have to get familiar with as you start to practize muscle testing. Continue reading

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Define applied kinesiology: to use muscle testing or not

Applied Kinesiology is not the same as kinesiology, or biomechanics, which is the scientific study of movement. No matter one does, be it “Applied” Kinesiology or Specialized Kinesiology, muscle testing is key. Continue reading

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Applied/Specialized Kinesiology: Isn’t a drudge!

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology isn’t a drudge If Applied/Specialized Kinesiology were a drudge it would be no fun nor for me nor the client. In my sessions there is no repetition, no dull work. No room for drudge. After a small-talk we … Continue reading

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Methodology of kinesiology. It is more and hypnosis plays a part

The methodology of kinesiology is more then only muscletesting (muscle monitoring. It requires offering method of handling specific ways for stopping energy from blocking. Continue reading

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Allergy Testing Methods, pro’s and their con’s

There are various methods of detecting allergies, and each one has its supporters. Many of these ways are highly effective at detecting the problems that cause or contribute to your symptoms. Medical testing seeks to use reproducible tests, i.e. where … Continue reading

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Get rid of your allergies , can you

Allergy Tap Dr. Jimmy Scott is the creator of the “Allergy Tap“, a most successful way for eliminating allergies. We have done workshops with Rochlitz, Scott and Dennison, and Frank is an Educational Kinesiology instructor. Using similar methods Dr. Rod … Continue reading

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Can you alter the muscle test just by thinking (2)

It is a well knownfact that an observation can NEVER be done objectively It is Quantumphysics that states that the observer is always to be considered part of the system the observer is observing. In fact it is the observer is the one … Continue reading

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Can you alter the muscle test just by thinking

Yes! You can!. “Why should you do that? “. In – specialized kinesiology – we muscle test and while muscle testing one can project and influence. Just to … experiment, …. make a point, … project something to show how things can … Continue reading

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Specialized Kinesiology, a framework of techniques

Specialized Kinesiology is a framework of techniques for correcting problems with energy (emotional, chemical. structural, chi-like) , heavily depending on the outcome of what we call “muscle monotoring” (muscle testing). The client relaxing lying on the table or in whatever position, … Continue reading

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