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comments what is muscle testing and how does it work

Muscle testing can be done without going into trance! Who are they kidding? Trance is a normal state of being in everyday life. And suddenly you can start changing people without going in trance?! Comments on an article “What is muscle testing and how does it work?” by Jonathan Livingstone. Continue reading

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Finger modes | hand modes | hand positions | kinesiology

On finger modes, hand modes in kinesiology. What are they and who invented them. Continue reading

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Pauselock magic

A pauselock is a method whereby we lock the information we just tested. In Applied Physiology you might “close a joint”, test and “open that joint”. Learn about the magic and working of a pauselock or retentionmode Continue reading

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Mindfulness Sati Vipassana Hakalau

The 5th audiobook of Science of Enlightement gives you insight in Mindfulness, Sati, Vipassana, Uptime, Hakalau. It outlines the way to learn that what is nearest to you, your feeling body and thinking body. Continue reading

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Pauselock: Retentionmode equals Anchoring a State in NLP

Anchoring is a technique in NLP for reactivation of a specific emotion-thought at will. In Kinesiology we use Pauselock or Retention mode to anchor a specific flow of energy. It is stated both the anchoring technique and the Pauselock are based on the same notion. Continue reading

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