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muscle monitoring ideomotor testing nervous system

Muscle testing with very light touch (muscle monitoring) is functionally based on the ideomotor effect. Balancing dyspraxia is our goal! Get your live back! Continue reading

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True Nature of Muscle Testing and Kinesiology

In literature and under each other people always mix muscle testing and (applied/specialized) kinesiology as though they were one and the same. This blogging tells you the difference. Continue reading

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Body Scan in Applied Specialized Kinesiology

The Body Scan in Applied/Specialized Kinesiology is the focusing on a specific area on the body and then muscle test. The indicator change gives you as practitioner the challenge to focus deeper on this area and find the best way to correct this issue. Continue reading

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Gespecialiseerde Kinesiologie – spierspoelmechanisme

Maak een goede werking van het spindle cell mechanism het uitgangspunt van een  goede spiertest. Dit is wat ik geleerd heb van Richard Utt toen ik werd ingewijd/opgeleid in zijn manier van werken. Dus met dank aan Richard! In de … Continue reading

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