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Ondamed | electro magnetic acupuncture

Ondamed: Electro magnetic Modulation (EM) caries the bulk load. Transmitted through applicators the frequencies are transferred to the body, where it interfaces with the body’s acupuncture meridian flow. Programmed frequencies are selected through the use of ideomotor responses returned from Mind Body Spirit. Continue reading

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Bicom 2000 bio-resonance eav health treatment instrument – Independent review

Bioresonance, how it works! The principle behind this treatment process is one of detecting and altering the frequency information with which cells communicate with each other. # In health this form of communication is harmonious. # With ill-health this cellular … Continue reading

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Bioresonantie met de BICOM® 2000

De BICOM® is een uniek computergestuurd Bioresonantie apparaat voor zowel diagnose als therapie, gebaseerd op de huidige behoefte van de medische praktijk. De BICOM® wordt ondersteund door 25 jaar ervaring en heeft zich bewezen in de behandeling van chronische ziekten … Continue reading

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How the BICOM® 2000 works

Bicom 2000, Bioresonance can make a real difference Continue reading

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