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Growing your thought / feeling energy creates peace or bliss

Whether you are looking to deepen your meditation, attain self realization or you just simply want to experience more peace and bliss in your life, then learning one of these two meditation techniques is a must. These meditations come down to focus your thought energy. Continue reading

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CHPH | conversational hypnosis

Igor Ledochowski developed the Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotist (CHPH) training seminar to help those who want to learn conversational hypnosis hands-on in a step-by-step learning process. So you get to learn and remember the steps easily and quickly, in such a way that – when you are stuck – you always can return back to your step-by-step learning. Continue reading

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Get High on Rhythm

Mind tools are designed for those who want to get high on rhythm the other way. Away from monotonous drumbeats, towards light and angelic sounds. Bring variety in the “food that you take in”, focus on Impulses. Continue reading

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