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Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotist (CHPH)

Why do people visit hypnotists?

You know these phrases like “I don’t know what to do?”, “I want to quit smoking”, “I want to lose weight”, “I am claustrophobic”, don’t you?!

What is the general problem with those people?  While on the surface they feel stuck in their thinking-feeling process, on the deeper level their unconscious is working for their best programmed intention(s) and in doing so preventing them from being able to act freely.

Positive thinking is only effective to the extent that it only touches the surface, while in the mean time  people are unaware of the intention(s) of the unconscious when not addressed properly. And this part is why so many people fail to resolve their problem adequately.

Why is hypnosis the best way to go, for those people?

As you relax while you go into a trance while the hypnotist is talking you in that deeper state of relaxation. As a client you find yourself  opening to the realm of imagery. Because you know, your nervous system is set up to flash impulses that trigger neurons that make you re-sense the images that are stored in the system. At least that is what I experienced while I was deeply relaxed.

In this state I experienced these impressions (gestalts), just as you will when you are in this relaxed state. Gestalts take shapes and forms as you become aware of images, words, sounds and/or smells. It is as if you are remembering something. The only problem is the way your nervous system is storing the received information. Your nervous system does not store information in an analogue way, it rather removes “not important” information. Only to keep the relevant information, just like images are stored in a .jpg-format or something alike.

The problem with this way of storing information. Look-alike information is linked to it or it is linked to look-alike information. And that is the source for the staying of the problem. Even if you want to let go of it with positive thinking. So many different  instances of intensity and memories are likely to get linked to each other. That is why once a certain problem people has been worked on and resolved, they experience various linked problems dissolved as well. As if they never existed.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing?!

The above is an example of conversational hypnosis you might hear when you would be hypnotized by me from now on. The words came out of my pen, just as easy as they came out of my mind. The key is to be in “H+”, a state where you are tuned in to the client and are aware of the “energy” at hand.  (Watch this video) Molded around words like because, every time, and, or, as, even. Do you recognize this strategy?!

Extract of the CHPH training seminar

Hypnosis is about ABS-formula:

A = Attract attention
B = Bypass critical factor
S = Stimulate unconscious mind

Professional Conversational Hypnosis is about PCAT-formula:

P = Define Parameter (problem, when, where, how, difference)
C = Bypass critical factor
A = Access Resources
T = Transform en Test

The result of learning how to hypnotize conversationally is that you get to learn to speak fluently whether you are in a conversation or in a regular hypnosis session. Using these techniques you master conversational hypnosis easily and quickly.

This CHPH training seminar is extremely “hands-on” as you get to practize these learnings step-by-step so you always get to remember what the next step can or should be!

Attending it was quite intensive, because while I did hypnotizing sessions during the day I found myself talking to me in mind bending and blitz language in the light sleep part in the night. Cumulating into a true cascade of colorful dreams in the last night of my training.

Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnosis is the training you must take to feel comfortable to do hypnotic interventions when en where ever you sense it is required AND give you the sense how easy hypnosis really is!

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology


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