Stop smoking with EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Your need for a smoke can be based on a traumatic experience

When you are a habitual smoker, you may have started smoking because of some traumatic experience. I wrote “you may have”, you never know until you have tested if this be the case. So having said this, you may want to try EMDR for stopping the “feeling for a smoke”. At the end of this article you are presented a procedure for getting rid of “the feeling of the need for a smoke”.

EMDR: A Type of Trauma Therapy – There are many approaches to trauma work, and Eye_Movement_Desensitization_and_Reprocessing (EMDR) is one of them. Read more: wiki

Youtube watch:

EMDR was created by Francine Shapiro, and utilizes a combination of therapeutic approaches with bilateral stimulation i.e. the use of alternating, right-left tracking that can take the form of eye movements, sounds, or tactile stimulation. Thus look from left to right and vice versa, hear a sound coming in from the left and then from the right, touching left side and then the right side and vice versa.

EMDR helps process the troubling thoughts, feelings, sensations, and images of what happened to you. It activates your nervous system and your internal healing mechanisms (body mind spirit) to release what got “locked in” during and after the traumatic experience. While doing the therapy your body mind spirit reprocess what thinking-feeling experiences of been stored. The result will be that body mind spirit  “buys” into the feeling-thinking  that you are safer now. It can stop giving you the fight, flight, or freeze response around what happened, thus reducing your symptoms of traumatic stress.

EMDR Therapy for PTSD… The detailed mechanisms for how EMDR works is still under investigation, but it is hypothesized to increase the ability to process the event, reduce the distress and may be related to rapid eye movements (REM) in sleep.

A 2007 study in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry compared EMDR, medication (Prozac) and a placebo to determine their efficacy during treatment and 6 months later. The results showed EMDR created “substantial and sustained reduction of PTSD and depression in most victims of adult-onset trauma.” Compared to placebo, both medication and EMDR were equally superior, however at 6 months 58% of EMDR subjects were asymptomatic compared to none in the medication group. …
Publish Date: 06/02/2010 0:21

Stop Smoking with EMDR

Now you know about EMDR, this is the time to test yourself whether you can frree your self from your smoking habits. So, follow these steps and stop smoking! Free yourself of the “feeling for a smoke”.

Step 1: On youtube there is this video: Get it on wide screen. It is 8:22 minute long. 

Step 2: Prepare yourself so that you can not be disturbed while you are watching the video and get yourself some music to listen to. At least 9 minutes long.

Step 2: Get yourself in the state that gives you “the feeling of the need for a smoke!”.

Note: That is easy to do. Just get yourself seated and RELAX and feel-think of that “feeling of the need for a smoke!”. When you are relaxed, your subconscious knows it! Breath in … and breath out!

Step3 : When you are relaxed, start the video and follow the RED spot with your eyes while you keep your head still. Only your eyes move.

Step 4: Watch the sensations in and around your body, while your are watching the video. “Do you smell something, feel something, hear something, see something (with your mind’s eye)??!”  Observe!

Note: This is where mindfulness kicks in. Shinzen Young: “Just observe, name it … and let go!”.

Step 5: After you have watched the video. You may want to drink some water. And be quiet for  a few moments. Let it all sink in.

REPEAT THIS PROCEDURE until you experience a change in the “feeling of the need for a smoke”.


1) It is some kind of self hypnosis in relation to the sensations in your body! Becoming aware of these sensations is the first step in letting go of the “feeling for a smoke”.

2) While it is being offered for “stop smoking”, you may use this procedure for other traumatic experiences.


Being mindful with everything you experience, will make you a “free person”.

Huib Salomons.

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