Pitch Roll Yaw Skew

Roll, yaw, pitch
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Pitch Roll Yaw Skew

This article on “Replacing Holographic Organs” reminded me of Pitch Roll Yaw Skew, where it stated:

  • “Is it displaced in the front of the body?” Yes/No
  • “Is it displaced behind the body?” Yes/No
  • “Is it rotated to the left?” Yes/No
  • “Is it rotated to the right?” Yes/No
  • “Is it tilted forward?” Yes/No
  • “Is it tilted backward? Yes/No

I relate tilting with Pitch, rotation with Roll/Yaw, displacement with Skew. These are definitions used in aviation to explain a movement of the plane in mid air. It is best to imagine three lines running through an airplane and intersecting at right angles at the airplane’s center of gravity. Rotation in any of these axis gives us a different name.

Definition of Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Skew

  • Pitch, a rotation around the side-to-side axis. Making the airplane lift or dive.
  • Roll, a rotation around the front-to-back axis.
  • Yaw,  a rotation around the vertical axis. Making the airplane drift.
  • Skew, a combination of two or three of the above.

Also see “How Things Fly: Roll”.

“What does it do good to know this?” “Correction, correction, dear Watson!”

Visualization is a powerful tool. Muscle testing for the best possible image helps to give Mind Body Spirit the greatest impact on a correction. A correction that always follows a muscle test, for eventually that is what applied/specialized kinesiology is about. Vizualisation is the tool to make changes in the neural pathways merely using the power of the mind.

Once you have the best possible image you can take that as the “imbalance” that needs correction. You might let the person take that position and test what needs to be done. Yet another possibility is, you let the person visualize this position and let him/her imagine what needs to be done to make it return to its best end position. These are you two examples of corrections you can offer to Mind Body Spirit to make a difference.

Before you do the correction(s) you might muscle test to know the best possible end result and test in what end position (change in pitch, roll, yaw, skew) the “holographic organ” needs to be to confirm a success.

You may go wild in your solution to the problem, because the possibilities are unlimited.

Huib Salomons, Apeldoorn – The Netherlands

Imagine three lines running through an airplane and intersecting at right angles at the airplane’s center of gravity.
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