Infrasound | Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy PAS

Infrasound | Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy (PAS)

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Feeling better through low frequency sound energy | infrasound

Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy is a Finnish development of application of infrasound. PAS therapy is done while you are laying on a special chair or bed, with build-in soundboxes. Both the chair and the bed are connected to a PC, that generates pre-programmed low frequency sound waves (27-113 Hz). The chair and the bed are designed to let the sound waves optimally penetrate the body using a patented method.

Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy increases the energy in the body at the cellular level. Be it lying on the bed, chair, low frequency sound energy (infrasound) flows through all organs and tissues of the body. When the energy is not flowing properly in our bodily functions stagnate. The running program modules generate low frequency sound energy simular to the frequency of the target organs and tissues. This excites organs and tissues with the a positive effect on the removal of waste out of the tissues and organs. As a result Physio Acoustic Sound therapy (PAS) has a beneficial effect on the circulation in tissue and organs.

Sertonin, the happy hormone

Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy enables our body to produce serotonin. Such with the effect of lower adrenalin levels in the blood. Now the body can relax and function properly. Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy is a ‘must’ for everyone, in special after a daily routine of heavy exercise.

Effects of PAS therapy:

  • improves bloodflow
  • relaxes muscles
  • reduces pain

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has officially approved the PAS therapy. Research papers mention experiences of beneficial effects such as relaxation, pain relief, stimulation of the circulation.

Even in the Netherlands medical scienctific research has started to examen the effects of the infrasound application of the PAS-therapy.

PAS therapy at this moment is used at:

  • care and nursing home
  • institutions for the disabled
  • pain clinics
  • rehabilitation centres
  • therapy offices

Live-demonstration of PAS

It is possible to visit the showroom in Zeeland (North Brabant, The Netherlands) for a demonstration. You get a clarification about using PAS and the various opportunities it offers. We are pleased to let you experience PAS yourself, to have a feeling of what PAS can do for you and your clients. For a greatly reduced price of € 12.50 you can experience Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy. € 2.50 will go to a special fund. Call us for an appointment.

Experiences with PAS

Physio Acoustic Sound Therapy  (infrasound) has helped me off of pain and stress and gave me back a good night sleep.

Watch the videos show with positive experiences of PAS therapy.

In short, there is nothing so important to go through life free of pain and PAS allows you to make it happen!


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