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Stress management in dialogue with the body

Somewhere at the end of my training I was introduced to the Blueprints sequel by Andrew Verity. Blueprints is – among other subjects – about the hypnotic influence we had while growing up.

I had a deep notion of the depth of the influence of hypnotic states in our daily life. I knew I had to understand this phenomenon. I researched it and I came to this conclusion:

“When the testperson is asked to go and lay down on the table, this person is really being asked to take the time to relax. Laying on the table, a person will find the monotonous testing of limbs very relaxing. I recognize when a persons relaxes when the muscle test is – more and more – easily influenced by the intention/thought I present to the mind body spirit.

When mind body spirit is relaxed, there is this moment where muscle testing is becoming a means of dialogue with the mind body spirit on a subconcious level. And that is where we can work on changing the feeling-thinking (mind) of a person via hypnotic statements and energy work.

Learning to relax and to recognize what the subconscious is willing and/or able to do are the premises for successful stress management, where we use muscle testing as a means of dialogue with mind body spirit.

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology would not be kinesiology when it was not able to offer techniques and skills appropriate for changing the state of the muscle test into the required muscle test sequence: “strong” and reacting on the proprioceptor intervention called “spindle cell technique”.  The latter for the recognition the muscle test is not “blocked”, meaning there is some subconscious intervention keeping the testperson from changing. If that where the case we still had some work to do, yes, until the required state is established.”

That is why I call muscle testing: “Stress management in dialogue with the body.”

Huib Salomons –  Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology – Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

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