Burnout: an holistic approach with Kinesiology

Burnout, a specific form of stress

The three related characteristics of burnout:

  1. Emotional exhaustion: Loss of energy and the feeling of depleted emotional reserves .
  2. Depersonalization: Development of a negative and cynical attitude towards the staff and work.
  3. Decreasing feelings of competence: You feel you deliver less and are less successful in your work.

Burnout means something like burned, quenched and emotionally exhausted. When the the cause is removed, the burnout symptoms remain. One can not regain the balance.
Burnout usually occurs through an accumulation of stressors and frustrations over a long period of  time, usually year after year.


Let us focus on the three related characteristics – in this inset –  for a moment: emotion – less focus – loss of efficiency

The deep pattern is, the idea of “it all is a matter of thinking-feeling”. Te be honest, thinking-feeling is just a part of the spectrum: the whole. You can try to tackle this problem (burnout) pragmatically, but you also can take an holisci approach.

What is an holistic approach for Burnout? – The holistic approach takes the problem as the disturbance of a part of the whole. Men in total is a unit of body, thinking-feeling and spirit. This means a disturbance in one part – or a sequence of disturbances – has inevitably effect on the other parts. With balancing this disturbance, we have to take the other parts into account.

The Universe is not as straightforward as we think it to be – It is all too often that our explanation of the “world” is limited by our axioma’s in our thinking. Think of Copernicus, Newton, Einstein. Everything is finally ‘relative’ … Relative: dependent (relationship).

Specialized Kinesiology is a form of energetic healing, that supports this approach. Using the manual muscle test, the practitioner of specialized kinesiology gets immidiate insight as to which area(s) to pay attention to. By tuning into the whole, we also get information from the whole. And we get the opportunity to do for this person – this form of burnout – that is most appropriate.

Applied / Specialized Kinesiology uses the Health triad as a basis for possible interventions: Chemistry, Structure, Emotion. And the underlying energy (chi)!

Take for example the influence of …

  • Chemistry: Lack of Vitamin B12, B6 and B9 could all be cause of fatigue;
  • Structure: Limited or blocked movement of skull bones might cause dyslexia;
  • Emotions: Unrecognized feelings and emotions can cripple from birth to the grave;
  • Energy: Non-flowing energy, can lead to feeling sluggish.

It is the writer’s intention to make you conscious about a possible holistic approach. An approach applicable for any problem in life.

Note: Be aware, that burnout may be just as well a collective name for experiences of some kind. Just as fibromyalgia is a collective name for muscle pain in general.

Huib Salomons, Practitioner Gespecialiseerde kinesiologie: orthokin.nl

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