The beauty of Manual Muscle Testing

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

“Beauty can only be experienced by s/he who experiences” – Yes, so what? From day One I was to experience manual muscle testing, I knew this was my thing. “Hoe does it work?” and “What can I do with it?” were  questions that held me sharp.

My first experience with manual muscle testing with Specialized Kinesiology – you can say – was rather “weak”. I didn’t had a clue about what was happening. Until I experienced one can change from “weak” to “strong” just by holding acupressure points 1), massaging neurolymphatic points or even holding neurovasculair points. That was exciting and excites me still. Specially, since I took up the study/practicing of acupressure 2) again, only to see/feel the “strong” results over and over agian.

It took five years of my life to get me the confidence I have now with manual muscel testing. I feel “I am a muscle tester” sec. During that time I did workshop after workshop, and now I am playing with the possibilities they give me!. It is mine!

Playing with manual muscle testing – Although I experienced the fact that I can influence the quality of a manual muscle test (“weak, “strong”) just by intention/focus, I know – as manual muscle tester – I first and far most must acknowledge and “Accept What is on Display” (rule 1). Oftentimes a testperson is not relaxed enough to allow him/herself to go with my energy play. It then is required for the testperson to relax – deeper.

For when you relax deeper and deeper you will experience your energy field expanding. You feel you don’t need to control the situation and you open yourself for the miracle, that is the end product of Specialized Kinesiology: “You feel different”.

“The Beauty of Manual Muscle Testing” – Beauty is felt within, nothing to argue about that. Experience and willing to open oneself are key for experiencing Beauty. Being able to play with manual muscle testing, being able to explain the meaning of the muscle test and the experience of the occurring change – with verification of the muscle test – make every muscle test session unique. It is an expression of energies felt in the room (from you and me) or in the world.

Anybody cerebral about the experience of manual muscle testing should find him/herself undergo the manual muscle test  first. It has no meaning to dispute something you don’t know (yet).

Huib Salomons – Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

  1. Acupressure points are acupressure point that are normally needled.
  2. Years ago I did a workshop “Gateway Initiation Procedure” from Richard Holding D.O. and this information my own. The first, preliminary impression of working this way is that “weak” spots are corrected really fast. It is rather technical and requires knowledge ot the positions of acupressure points. “I love/enjoy doing it”.

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