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Focus is everything, it determines the success you finally experience.

Structural Integrity in the body is all about connective tissue. The tissue that surrounds all. Be it your blood vessels, muscles, organs. It is all surrouded with connective tissue. My quest for optimal impact of a session brings me to the fields of  Rolfing, Anatomy Trains and Acupuncture.

Rolfing versus Anatomy Trains – Reading between the lines one can discern a difference between Rolfing and Anatomy Trains. The latter recognizes longitudinal tension lines in the body. Lines through which tension are held in the body (AT) or not (Rolfing). Developer of Anatomy Trains – Thomas W. Meyers – is a “rolfer” from origin and his goal is to take that “feeling”  away and put it in a repeatable system:

Anatomy Trains recognizes longitudinal lines (lines running from top to feet, myofacial meridians) that hold tension. The tension can be held superficially – and remain there – or dive into deep muscle / connective tissues. Or vice versa. Places where this can occur are called “roundhouses”, for example ASIS.

Both method aim for reinforcing structural integrity, mainly through focus on the connective tissue and “relaxation”.

Structural tensional integrity (Tensegrity) –”Tensegrity” is the brainchild from Buckminster Fuller.  Connective tissue with Anatomy Trains functions to maintain Tensegrity. In the book “Anatomy Trains” it is pointed out that the skeleton can not hold its integrity without the connective tissue. The connective tissue is like the “flexible steal cables that withstands the pull”, while the “skeleton withstands the pressure”.

And what about Acupuncture. It seems the effect of acupuncture is there because of the presence of acupuncture points in the connective tissue. Also Shiatsu, Sotai, Tuina and the like may well have their positive effect because of the connective tissue.

Also read: “Tensigrity | Anatomy Trains | Connective tissue”

Huib Salomons – Practitioner Specialized  Kinesiology

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