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How to bring forth quality of life

Life is about what you make of it.
Don’t be in vain. Everyone dies.
Whenever the heart stops, your embodiment ends.
There will only be a corpse.

Life is not about the quantity.
Ultimately it is the quality that matters.
Not for others, but for you.
When you seek enlightenment (*), exalt the nervous system.

If you desire to live the life as if nothing else could happen, do so. Be happy.
Know that you can do more. Know there is more … spiritual!
There is nothing mystic about that.
You can find enlightenment by means of exalting the nervous system.

Exalting the nervous system can be done by training and drugs/food.
Use the right dug/food and you will find your nervous system aglow.
Train your Self, discipline your Self and you will find that too.
Ultimately it is about the chemistry in your body that makes it happen.

Enlightenment is a state of mind of “being in the NOW“! (**)
A state of mind “whereby one is able to understand clearly the true nature of reality“. (***)
A state of mind “whereby one suspends the world-construct operating on one’s perceptions and experiences“. (****)
In other words where one is without thought, observe through the senses.

Thinking is overvalued – “We think therefore we are“. (Rene Descartes)
Yes, we are heading for disaster.
Yes, you can prevent this by Stopping the world from happening.
Stopping the world” is not “ending the world” rather really “Be in the NOW”.

Thinking – a higher function of the brain where we humans use logic – is where we thrive on.
Imagining, projecting, wishing are all products of this illusionary faculty.
The lower functions – feel, see, touch, smell, taste – seem to be inferior.
The next step in human development is to bring balance into the lower and higher functions of the brain.

Balancing Body Mind and Spirit you bring a sense of healthy future to us people.
You can only do but live in the NOW.
You can prevent yourself from doing things leaning from the past, and projecting in the future.
That is good and well. But ultimately we can only be in the NOW.

You can go to the Stars, but you lack the knowledge for now.
You can go into the deep of the see, but you lack the pressure pack.
You can go into your self, all you have to do is “BE now”.
Which one do you think is within your grasp.

Which one will benefit you the most.
Wait, but there is more.
Being in the NOW gives you the feeling and sensations of a purpose to be in live.

“Exalt your nervous system the right way and you will find happiness”.

Huib Salomons – practitioner Specialized Kinesiology


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