pH-value in blood: mandatory for a long and healthy life

Basentabs from Pascoe:
helpers for sustaining acid/base-balance
. _ It is important to restore any imbalanced diet. The diet must contain less acid-formin  foods and more base-forming. On the Internet you can find list of all sorts of products and their pH-value.

Basentabs from Pascoe complement where the diet cannot handle. In short:

  • For promoting a balanced acid / bases ratio avoid eating concetrated and calorie products. Such as protein (meat, fish, shellfish, egg, cheese, nuts (not almonds), diery products and fats) and carbohydrates (cereals, flour, beans, peas, bread, sugar).
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption as well as use of some drugs.
  • For promoting a base surplus eat fruits and vegetables, as these are carriers of minarals like calcium, magnesium, potassium en natrium.

Basentabs from Pascoe: complement where the diet cannot produce. _ With Basentabs the required base surplus is created, acidity in the blood is lowered and the patient will feel better again.

Contact: SanoPharm Nederland bv | Prins Hendrikweg 2 | 3771 AK Barneveld | T 0342 42 07 14 | F 0342 42 06 46 | E

Prolong life: maintain proper blood acidity

I write this article, because saturday (01-30-2010) I once again visited Sanopharm in Barneveld. ( Hightlight of the day: “Basentabs fom Pascoe help maintain acid/base-balans in the blood“. Presented by Michaela Bartz.

The presentation form Michaela was clear, logical and easy to understand. Even though it was presented  to us in German. In essense she said, “the body’s task is to as best as it can maintain the acid/base-balans (pH-value) in the blood at 7.4 +/- 0.04“.

Borrow from the bank: Release bicarbonates (HCO2)

Question: “What happens when the acid/base-balans is not supplemented via diet, moving and psyche?”

“The body’s electrolytes are drawn out of the tissues to bind with the “high” acids in the blood. This ultimate “exchange currency” is done via bicarbonates (HCO2 bound with Ca, Na, Mg, K)”. Bicarbonates reduce the degree of acidity binding with acids.

As good as it can be!. Now, there is a problem waiting to happen. This sort of exchange always has an acid-environment (ACIDOSIS) as a result. The reverse of  acidosis is ALKALOSIS. The acid/base-balans in the blood then will rise above 7.4. This will not offen happen, for most of our diet has the tendency to be rather acid (less than 7.4).

As the body struggles to maintain the right pH-value (+/- 7.4) and because our diet is rather acid the optimal pH-value in the blood is not garanteed. When the pH-value drops, we can recognize in order from light to heavy: COMPENSATED, LATENT and finally CHRONIC acidosis. Borrowing from the bank  (read: tissue) has its limits. You can understand that, do you!

Robbery: All tissues are effected

When diet, movement and psyche (stress) are insufficient, and there is only borrowing, very soon the tissues will start to deplete. Not even the optimal integrity of the bone structure will be saved. Depletion of the electrolytes (calcium, natrium, magnesium and potassium) from this resource will ulitmately lead to OSTEOPOROSIS. Of course there is a natural  decrease in build up of bone structure when we get older, but depletion because of low pH-values – as above – will accelerate degradation and the reduction of build up of bone structure.

Osteoporosis is just one example of the effect of sustained low pH-values in the blood. Other issues that may occur are pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, cancer, diabetes etc.

“I am convinced the basic tension in the bloodvessels (measured as diastole-phase) can be normalized bij control of the pH-value in the blood.

Huib Salomons, Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology _

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  1. tanyatynes says:

    Thanks for this useful info. I find this ine you wrote quite interesting : “When diet, movement and psyche (stress) are insufficient, and there is only borrowing, very soon the tissues will start to deplete.” I think that people might more likely be insufficient in diet and movement but not stress. but it is good to also mention that too much stress might shorten ones life so it must be managed. Stress Management techniques can be found here –

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