pdf2xl makes datamining a fluke

PDF2XL saves you from retyping tables

Convert PDF to Excel

– Cogniview’s PDF2XL is a best of breed PDF to Excel conversion tool that convert data from tables in PDF to Excel and save up to 95% of PDF data retyping.

– PDF2XL handles native PDF files as well as scanned PDFs.

“I’d like to say that your software is GREAT. Your software is the only product I found that enables me to get data out of my Accounting software. In fact, you may want to contact my Accounting software company and let them know of your product”
Kenneth Bryant, IT Director, Chicago, IL

Now, ,..
a) Resellers can utilize PDF to Excel conversion software to dramatically reduce inventory update time and increase profits.

b) Researchers, university students and faculty members can minimize the time spent on keying data into statistics packages. And even expand the research scope by using PDF2XL.

c) Companies in the same field compete on multiple levels are searching for
– who is more profitable,
– who acquires more new customers,
– who has more branches,
– who employs more customer service personnel

Notice this list can go on and on.

In short, USE PDF2XL to efficiently feed ERP systems with data from external sources.

PDF to XLS conversion feature summary:
– Opens and displays PDF file
– Allows to define the PDF to XLS conversion layout
– Shows a preview of the PDF to XLS conversion
– Allows to convert PDF to XLS file
– Allows to convert PDF to Excel application
– Allows to determine format of exported data
– Allows multiple page conversions of PDF to XLS

Think PDF2XL when you are frugal with time.

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