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Muscle testing with very light touch (muscle monitoring) is functionally based on the ideomotor effect. Balancing dyspraxia is our goal! Get your life back!

Ideomotor effect,  how can it help us.

The ideomotor effect – “Ideomotor actions are unconscious, involuntary motor movements that are performed by a person because of prior expectations, suggestions or preconceptions.”

“The ideomotor effect is just one example of why we should use objective, scientific testing rather than rely on subjective, personal experience to work out what is real and what is not.” [1]

I say: “Fire has the probability to ignite and destroy, yet when used properly one can get great benefit form working with fire”.

My reaction to this conclusion [read: the ideomotor effect] is that is possible to use these methods and yet be objective and do scientific testing. Just like driving a car one has to learn to drive it.

Just like fire, ideomotor is a given for mankind. Like sensitivity of a person is a given and  dependent of the willingness to acknowledge this, sensitivity can be a blessing.

Take for instance the sensitivity/ability of a person to “read between the lines” (inter legere) or in other words to be intelligent. That is considered to be a good thing! And what about the sensitivity to feel radiation or energyfields, to feel minute movements. These things sensitive people can learn to adjust to. So sensitivity equals opening ones “nervous system” for the reception and working with these sensations. In an earlier post I wrote about the essence of meditation.

So where it all boils down to, is the way a nervous system processes information and stores this information in its neural pathways. Be aware that most people (scientists) reduce it to brain capacity. Well, here is an eye opener for those people. What we can or can not do or is not only restricted to the brain it comprises the whole nervous system and the inductive field that surrounds our body. Our mind really is a holographical miracle.

What is dyspraxia? –Developmental dyspraxia is an impairment or immaturity of the organisation of movement. It is an immaturity in the way that the brain processes information, which results in messages not being properly or fully transmitted. The term Dyspraxia comes from the word praxis, which means ‘doing, acting’.

Dyspraxia affects the planning of what to do and how to do it. It is associated with problems of perception, language and thought.” [2]

When I came across this term Dyspraxia, I realized this is what we at Applied/Specialized Kinesiology can be of help to people. (Every once in a person’s lifetime one will have problems of this kind.) Using the muscle test or muscle monitoring we have the right tool to measure what the problem is with this specific type of Dyspraxia with this person – in what way does it inhibit the person – (make a correction, and measure again). This ideomotor thing – as we at Specialized Kinesiology call it “muscle monitoring / muscle testing with light pressure” – in the hands of a reliable person can make the difference and has done so many, many times. Whether you want to see it or not!

Be as scientific as you want. Step over your own point of FEAR, to just realize using an ideomotor mechanism like muscle monitoring can help you pinpoint, overcome your problems and go on with living.

Life is too short, don’t you agree!

Huib Salomons

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