Total Weakness in muscle testing

When “Total Weakness” shows up

“Total Weakness” experienced while muscle testing in Specialized Kinesiology. This is an observation you sometimes come across when you  muscle test.

Don’t you think muscle testing is strange experience. When you push a limb you can observe two movements. The limb moves [“Weak”] or the light  pressure is easy to withstand [“Strong”]. When ALL tested limbs show [“Weakness”]  there is – what I call – “Total Weakness”.

As you see, in my view this observation is not a problem. It merely shows me  your Conscious is having problems handling the situation and has given Other-then- Conscious the chance to take over the situation.

“How do you know?” Well, were I to ask you to stand up – I dare to say – ,  you probably would have no problem at all doing so.

For me “Total Weakness” is an interesting observation, for now I can get information from the Other-then-Conscious. When I have listened to the Other-then-Conscious enough I always see a returning back to the basic testing.

That is how I perform my task as Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology.  [HSalomons]

Muscle testing for me – as you know by now – is an art. After years of testing I’ve seen many different testresults. But before I sum them up I need to tell you about my testprocedure.

One of my trainings (“Gateway Initialization Procedure”, R.A. Holding) offered me a method for procedural testing. Now those who know me I never stick to what is offered.  I find my own procedure. And so it is in this case.

My perceived testing (for now! It is ever changing) is: Arms (deltoideus anterior), Legs (quadriceps), Feet (tibialis anterior). I test them as I advocate muscle testing: from contraction to extention, extention to contraction (sometimes) and spindle cell technique.

Now you know my procedure, I can tell you the different testresults I encountered:

  • left side strong, right side weak
  • right side strong, left side weak
  • arms strong, legs weak
  • legs strong, arms weak
  • Total weakness
  • everything tests OK!

For my explanation and plan of attack for balancing these unbalances I stick to the notion of Neural Pathways. Since these are the “Wires” that give me the information I need to “get the job done”. And the more I read about Neural Pathways the more I get inspired to work on them. I just started in the field of Cranial nerves, nerves in the body. All I can say a new world opens up to me reading about the nervous system.

For example: What is the correlation of Migraine with Cranial nerves. A quick scan with Google shows there has been found a correlation with the fifth cranial nerve. Where as my preliminary testing shows something in the direction of the tenth cranial nerve.

Just as Richard Utt told me over and over again: “What you can imagine/picture in your mind, you can influence”. I embrace this thought and I know I can do good things for my client who offers her body for her own gain and Specialized Kinesiology purposes.

Whether it is Chi or any other energy system, when I can focus on the problem I can muscle test the problem. I tell the information needed and so give a helping hand to relieve the problem quickly and easily. It is up to the Body Mind Spirit Connection to make the Gestalt complete.

When “Total Weakness” shows up, Body has got its share of attention. It has come to me to find Mind (Other-then-Conscious) is showing up and wants its share of attention. Which ofcourse I am gladly to assist. It is only after the acknowlegement of the information – Mind wants to bring to the table – the Total Weakness does not show anymore (for now).

“For now” I write, because when muscle testing I have an open mind. I am ready to acknowledge that what shows up and anything can happen. I love it!

Richard Utt explained “Total Weakness” as “Overload of the System”. In a way, this is also what “Total Weakness” means to me. The difference being that there is a part of the Body Mind Spirit Connection that want the feel addressed. The Conscious blown out of proportions means Overload, and what remains … yep … the Other-then-Conscious.

I have found that my State of Mind and anchoring to Mind (agreements on how to interpret the given information) are prequisites of becoming a Muscle tester/hypnotist as I am and are growing to be! All in order to become more and more effective in my intervention for stress management.


Huib Salomons – Muscle Tester Pur Sang is devoted to this phenomenon ever since he was introduced to this work in 1989. It was the best thing that could happen to him. After years of exploring the field of Specialized Kinesiology he is now exploring the possiblities first hand, yes in the field. He is learning, growing and getting better every day. Scouring the internet for interesting information and testing it for its validity and applicability. []
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