Real difference muscle testing kinesiology

There is a real difference between muscle testing and kinesiology

People are keen to make muscle testing and kinesiology the same difference. Those who work with the system know better: there is a real difference between muscle testing and kinesiology.

Muscle testing – Manual Muscle Testing – as it is also called – is the art of reading biofeedback of the Body Mind Spirit connection as we push someone’s limb as though to make an act to move. This means applied the pressure is minimal. In this short span of movement we can distill the presence of resistance or not (“strong” or “weak”). In Applied Physiology (Utt) we call this testing Muscle Monitoring, because this represents the real meaning of muscle monitoring as it is used in Applied/Specialized Kinesiology.

It is true Applied/Specialized Kinesiology understands various muscles relate with with the variouas acupuncture meridians, Chapman reflexes, Bennett reflexes. This doesn’t mean muscle testing equals kinesology.

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology – The act of muscle monitoring ends when we have discerned the place of therapy (therapy localization) or in case of a circuit (circuit localization) that triggers a cascade of reactions, the type of intervention, time and duration.  As biofeedback mechanism it is also used for checking the results with the Body Mind Spirit Connection while tapping in into the neural pathways, as that is how we are wired.

Interventions may involve specific joint manipulation or mobilization, various myofascial therapies, cranial techniques, meridian and acupuncture skills, nutrition and dietary management, counseling, evaluating environmental irritants and various reflex procedures. In short everything is possible within the Triad of Health.

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology is the act of offering appropriate interventions for bringing the Body Mind Spirit Connection back on track. Every practitioner can offer his/her own specialty and that makes this method omni serviceable.

Real difference –  So you see there is a difference and it is advised to keep that difference clean. Even if it is only for the sake of clean language. Where the first is a biofeedback mechanism the second holds the key for bringing back balance in the clients life. (Think “Triad of Health”.)

“There is a real difference between muscle testing and Applied/Specialized Kinesiology.”


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