True Nature of Muscle Testing and Kinesiology

Muscle testing and Kinesiology distinctly differ from each other

In literature and under each other people always mix muscle testing and (applied/specialized) kinesiology as though they were one and the same. Ofcourse this is not the case they are separate entities and each of them have their own characteristics.

Kinesiology and muscle testing are not the same – It is sad to notice that people make it the same difference.  They should know there is a difference.

Localization is the main goal of muscle testing and true nature. It is a means of measure and biofeedback from the Body Mind Spirit Connection. To do that we use various muscle testing techniques.

Corrections with Applied/Specialized Kinesiology are based on Reflexology. Reflexology in essence is the correction of the Body Mind Spirit Connection through any kind of  activator. Be it Allopathic, PsychoLogic or Homeopathic of nature. [read more .. Types of localization with Applied/Specialized Kinesiology]

Everything you do is enclosed within the boundaries of your thought – When you allow yourself to take this  into account, the symbolic nature of the Activator – most of the time – is even enough for the Other-Then-Conscious to make you realize the problem(s) it has to cope with. At least that is sometimes the case. Thus it being a Infoceutical. Having realized  this, the next piece of information is presented to the table. Yes, there are times the “physical” element has to be applied for support.

There are several types of localization with muscle testing – To name these muscle testing techniques: Therapy localization, Circuit localization, Surrogate testing. And of course there is this phenomenon of Pause Lock or Retention Mode to work with. So you see muscle testing is a rather mechanical thing. Through the use of these muscle testing techniques you get to pinpoint the ways the Body Mind Spirit Connection handles the stress or not. And being a Practitioner yourself you can recognize this, otherwise see this possibility as benificial for your own use.

Muscle testing is really a biofeedback mechanism – There is no machine that can ever replace muscle testing, because you tap straight into the nervous system. The nervous system are the neural pathways that relais the information your Body Mind Spirit Connection holds in store.

So the next time somebody talks about Kinesiology be aware of the fact that there is (Applied/Specialized) Kinesiology and there is Muscle Testing. And along with that several muscle testing techniques. Those who say this in not true … don’t Know! Muscle testing is fun, challenging and helps you to find ways to offer correction(s) with the items from the triade known in Applied/Specialized Kinesiology.

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Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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