Body Scan in Applied Specialized Kinesiology

Body Scan in Action

Read now how a Body Scan is performed in Applied/Specialized Kinesiology.

Looking for an explanation for the body scan, I found little or nothing of noticable quality on the internet about using the Body Scan in Applied/Specialized Kinesiology. I therefore wrote this article on Body Scan in Action

Since it is a basic procedure for testing any issue in Applied/Specialized Kinesiology I invite you to take notice of the way I look at this part of any session that is basic for finding what ails a person.

When this Body Scan in Action is written inAbracadabra, please let me know so I can fine tune it to your standard of knowledge. There is talk about: indicatorchange, pause lock, focus.

Read it and see the beauty of all the possibilities and the sheer different solutions the Body Mind Spirit Connection wants for each and every single issue. That is why this is Magick!!

About quinten

Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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