Zebu | Learning language patterns playfull

ZEBU, the cardgame for learning Hypnotic language patterns playfull

Hypnotic language patterns – you learn with playing ZEBU – help you guide the other to go into trance. You see trance is the state where conscious and subconscious become equal in  communication.

Hypnotic language patterns — These language patterns are recognized within the Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)-community to play a major role in communication. Obama uses them eloquently in his speeches.  Because – you know – as every coin has two sides, with these hypnotic language patterns you can either help people become clear about their way of thinking or help people loose their bounderies so they can learn things they never could learn without letting go of their boundaries.

I found the site where you can buy this ZEBU cardgame: deeptrancenow.com

The meaning of Deep trance — Deep trance is a state of body mind spirit, where your body is relaxed, your mind is relaxed and spirit is free to explore new things. Since the first two are relaxed the “shields” of these dominant physical appearences are lowered and you will find your self able to explore through the realm of the none physical. And in that realm is “the sky is the limit”. Being there can be an eyeopener.

From DeeptranceNow — In the section “Hypnosis and NLP Articles” of DeeptranceNow.com you find a load of relevant and specific information.

Section Summary “Hypnosis and NLP Articles”

  • General Hypnosis
  • Articles Hypnosis and NLP Techniques
  • Psychobiology or Mind-Body Healing by Dr. Ernest Rossi
  • Zebu Cards

About ZEBU:
ZEBU is a normal boxed deck of 52 playing cards with 52 extraordinary hypnotic language patterns taken from the field of NLP and the field of hypnosis from the work of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Each card in the ZEBU deck has a language pattern written at the top and bottom, and a commentary in the center.

“Playing Zebu is learning at its best, because the whole time is spent listening to and using the hypnosis language patterns … and it’s entertaining! What could be better?”

  • “Ericksonian Approaches” by Rubin Batino
  • “Monsters and Magical Sticks: There is no such thing as hypnosis” by Steven Heller, Ph.D.

There is no such thing as hypnosis — That is just playing with words, because to be a thing you must be able to touch something. Well, can you touch “a thing called Hypnosis”? You don’t have to be a genius to know, that this is never the case. Therefore this statement is true, just as it is not a bad thing to take the time to read this book from cover to cover. Enjoy!!

  • “Hypnotic Language” by John Burton
  • “Future of the Body” by Michael Murphy
  • “Mind-Body Communication in Hypnosis” by Dr. Ernest Rossi
  • “Inductions & Scripts Quantum Healing” by Dr. Deepak Chopra
  • “Mind-Body Therapy” by Dr. Ernest Rossi
  • “Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot
  • “Everyday Miracles: An Inner Art of Manifestation” by David Spangler
  • “Mind Probe Hypnosis – Past Life Regression” by Irene Hickman
  • Hypnotic Phenomena
  • Hypnotic Writing
  • Hypnotic Advertising
  • Hypnotic Marketing
  • Hypnotic Selling
  • Hypnosis Related Articles
  • Hypnosis Technologies

Hypnosis is —  a mental state (state theory) where  … you experience subjective experiences of reality as a result of an active interplay between your subconscious and your conscious parts of your mental capacity.

Learn more: deeptrancenow.com


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