Mystery and hidden secret of hypnosis

There is a real mystery behind hypnosis … you!

You only have to google on the word “hypnosis” and you find plenty of information about whether you can be hypnotized, but no one tells what it really takes to be hypnotized by someone else.

The real mystery [hidden secret] behind  hypnosis — The secret is the state of mind of the hypnotist/mentalist that is as much of importance as the willingness of the client to go deep into trance, conscious or unconscious.

You want to be successful in hypnosis – In fact, I dare to state that the most successful hypnotist/mentalist is he who really feels, knows, has experienced the deep state of trance in such a way he has anchored it to his system and in having done so he is able to recall that vibration whenever he is hypnotizing the client.

Words alone are not enough — You only have to watch Derren Brown to recognize that the words he uses are by far not enough to make people do the things they do.  So when you study hypnosis you do well to anchor the state of hypnosis. The goal is that you can recall that state whenever and where ever you are.

Lead the client, going into deep trance first — So become aware of the notion of being in trance, how it feels, what the energy is about, in 3D and more. And when you are able to recall that state when you are hypnotizing someone. In other words, you go first. And see what you find …  low and behold … you’ll be amazed about the depth you can get your client is going into. In a way the “Law of Attraction” applies here in that “Energy flows where the Attention goes”. The client in a open state of mind is more likely to follow you to the place you want her to be. Get it!!!

And as a hypnotist/mentalist you know the real work is just about to start, don’t you.


About quinten

Practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology, The Netherlands
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