Made in Germany: BioWave 21 LCD Multizapper

Do more with Clark, Rife,Beck and TENS | 4 in 1 zapper.

BioWave 21 LCD Multizapper

Biowave 12LCD

What makes this Zapper so special? – In contrast to other zappers on the market, which traditionally only support either Dr. Hulda Clark therapy or blood electrification by Dr. Beck, the BioWave 21 has them both plus the basic therapies by Dr. Rife preprogrammed.

A 4-in-1 unit — Because it combines the therapies of three of the world’s most renown health practitioners (Clark–Beck–Rife) in One machine with programs that can be simply selected on the brilliant display and use preprogrammed cards, that hold individual frequencies.

  1. Dr. Hulda Clark: it can do Zappication (1kHz): Standard frequency zapping. The user can choose between the usual 7-20 minutes cycle, as well as 2 hours of continuous zapping. After the program is over, the BioWave 21 shuts itself off. Therefore, zapping while sleeping is easily possible and safe.
  2. Dr. Robert Beck: Blood electrifications. Digitally controlled, it has the exact output of 3,92 kHz and, of course, intensity can be adjusted.
  3. Dr. Rife: Three standard programs: Flu, Cold, and Pain.
  4. As TENS Pain reliever [Transcutane Elektrische Neuro Stimulatie] and … can act as a mindmachine too.

Dr. Hulda Clark  – In accordance to Mrs. Hulda Clark, the frequency is preset to 33,3 kHz. Zapping can either be done continously or in the well known 7-20-7-20-7 rhythm. The units shuts off itself after the treatment is over. Therfore the use at bedtime while falling asleep is riskless possible.Furthermore, this BioWave 21 is also equipped with the Zappicator mode which means, it does employ the 1kHz frequency positive voltage only, to treat food or everyday items of living.

Dr. Robert Beck With a simple press of a button, and the BioWave 21 switches to the blood electrification mode as described by Dr. Robert Beck. The rectangular voltage is kept exactly at 3.92 Hz, the so called, half Schumann-frequency. The itensity of the voltage can be adjusted in 0.2 Volt increments to suit you the best way possible.

Dr. Rife  – To make this zapper your “universal house pharmacy”, three programs as prescribed by Dr. Rife are already preprogrammed for frequency treatment: the common cold, the flu and pain treatment.

Just select the right program, and the zapper does the rest by itself.

Individual frequencies  – The zapper has a very broad frequency spectrum ranging from 1Hz to 1Mhz.

Offering the standard programs as described above, the unit would seem to be over equipped. Therefore, it is included with another feature:

The device has a build in card reader, in which one can insert preprogrammed cards, that hold individual frequencies.

When your health practitioner found a certain frequency that has to be applied to you more often, he can simply program that in for you, so you can treat yourself at home.

Further functions — The Zapper is also equipped with functions that make handling it even easier. For instance …

  • Digitally monitor the battery —  So, you can always read the exact voltage provided by the battery, and you can also see the battery status displayed as a simple icon on-screen, like on your cell phone. Thus you can always make sure that enough battery power is available for successful treatment.
  • Prior to the start of the treatment, the device measures the conductivity of the electrodes. If anything should interrupt it or if by any means it should be too low, the Biowave 21 will sound an alarm. If the conductivity is sufficient, the unit will still take that parameter to ensure you a constant current treatment.
  • Biowave 21 provides positive offset of 0.25 Volts . This translates into an always positive signal, which was found by Dr. Hulda Clark to be the most important factor to a working therapy. This is a feature that is not seen in many devices and surely makes this one stand out.
  • Build in belt clip makes using the Multizapper as easy as carrying your cell-phone. Just wrap the sponge straps around your arms and clip the Biowave 21 to your belt. The result is a hands free treatment, which allows you to perform as normal with your hands.
  • Display with 2 lines.
  • Ease of use.

Modes in the basic configuration

  1. Bio frequency playable from chipcard
  2. 3 x 7 min. with 2 0min. breaks
  3. Continuous operation 2 hours
  4. 1 kHz for Zappicator

The Bio Wave 21 LCD is very well built and, of course, is “Made in Germany”. The provided battery is not shown on the picture, since it is already inserted in the unit.


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