Mindfulness Sati Vipassana Hakalau

Impermanence: Slow down time, spread out space

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This morning I listened to the 5th audiobook of Shinzen Young of the pack called ““Science of Enlightenment”. By now you should know how thrilled I am about listening to these audiobooks. [Consider other blogposts on this site] He – to me – is a very reliable, resourceful and authoritative person to get your information and lessons from and easy to listen to.

This 5th Audiobook mentioned that Mindfulness (Sati, Vipassana, Hakalau, Uptime) , where the essence lies in the observing of the qualities that show up in your thinking (body) and/or feeling (body).

  • Name the quality as it shows up by its character/classification.
  • Locate them in the “body” and notice what influence it has in the “body”.
  • Just be the observant, let happen what happens.
  • Allow the quality to grow, shift.
  • To experience objective is being mindful.

Mindfulness gives you the power to experience that what is there without justification.
Infuse it with equanimity .. be what is, to the best of your ability.

With Mindfullness you see what is happening and in time you will find purification happening as you observe the thinking-feeling process.

You find yourself being able to discern the different components that make up to that total of that feeling-thinking process.

This in contrast to fighting which will make your life unbearable. Thus you find yourself with the ability to reduce suffering with Mindfulness.

To be in impermanence is to follow these sensations. Let if grow it want, let it contract if it want. In doing so you will find the resistance flows away gratifing this experience

If the sensation is lightness, peaceful, balanced and it gives you the feeling to float, then float.
If you experience solidity, pressure, a force pull in, a force push out the follow this movement.

The gratifing situation you produce is you learn yourself the experience the feeling-thinking body wants to experience. Free and without restrictions.

<< Very Inspiring >> Listen to Shinzen Young: “Science of Enlightenment” as he talks about: Mindfullnes, Vipassana, Samadhi, Impermanence, Equanimity as it is very enlightening what he has to say when you listen intently and let it all come in, smoothly.
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