Pauselock: Retentionmode equals Anchoring a State in NLP

Pauselock (Retention mode) equals Anchoring of a State (NLP)

Any kinesiologist is acquainted with Pauselock or Retention mode. It is my conviction this phenomenon equals the NLP-method, called: Anchoring of a State.

A State — The definition for a “State” is any intense mental-emotional imprint we can recall at any moment.

For example: Think back and remember that tune in that specific moment. Yes, thát moment in time. When was it? What experience do you recall? What were you doing? What did you feel? … Rhat tune is your anchor – your entrance – for recollecting that specific moment.

Anchoring — Anchoring is the placement of an anchor. That is obvious, isn’t it? When you activate this anchor you (un)willingly remember these sensations. In previous example it is when you hear that tune. There you go down memory lane. Wait there is more! You can anchor in all variantions of modalities: auditive, visual, olfactory, kinesthetic, smelling, emotion, thinking. And thus also when touching (kinesthetic).

Pause lock (retention mode) — We – as kinesiologist – use something called as Pauselock or Retention mode. A method whereby an anchor is made while muscle testing .

For example: Starting with a strong muscle test. Ask, “Think of that one moment …”. Test. (TOTE) It is my experience that limb (arm/leg) will test either “strong” or “weak”. In the latter showing a change of indicator.

The preliminary explanation for this phenomenons is: The emotional-thinking impulse shows weak in the first and a strong in the second case.

Kneeze — A “kneeze” (Michael Breen) is anchoring of a emotion-thought by means of touching the knee of that person. A good anchor results in an automatically reviving of that emotion-thought by that person.

Anchoring is Pause lock — A pauselock (retention mode) is present when the emotion-thought is anchored secure. A muscle test is an anchor it self, BUT for further usage it is necessary to make a specific anchor by touching the body, f.i. the shoulder or for mentioned kneeze. Reactivating the anchor by touching that specific place on the body should than give a change in indicator (muscle test).

Then … Anchoring equals Pauselock.

Use this notion and let it enhance your tesing experience!

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