Huna: Hakalau, the Hawaiian way for Uptime

How to quickly enter a trance state at will

Hakalau The means, in the Hawaiian system, for entering a rapid trance state at will. In our Huna Intensives given in Hawaii, we suggest to the Haumana (students) that they use this technique inside and outside of class — all the time — until it becomes automatic.

Hakalau is the state we are in as we go from place to place, walking, cycling, riding in a car, etc. And as you do it more and more, you will also find that it is impossible to hold a negative state in consciousness when you are in peripheral vision.

Hakalau is also why some Shamans won’t actually make eye contact with you, because it could interfere with the state. (Truthfully, if eye contact can interfere with your state then you need more practice with a qualified guide.)

Uptime — Listening to Micheal Breen’s DVDs on “The Art on Anchoring” ( and his commentary on questions asked I was directed to the Art of Uptime. Googling further I found and the Huna word for Uptime being “Hakalau”. 

The importance of Uptime/Hakalau — In “Turtles all the Way down” from John Grinder & Judith DeLozier there also is talk about this subject. I think it is so important it can be labeled: the first thing a NLP-er has to learn. And even if that were the only thing you ever learn from NLP, then you have earned your money back.

Go in Trance first — NLP is about change. Now to make change happen the person involved has to be in a trance state. And in order for the person to get into that trance state … you have to go first. With adequate rapport you will find the person go in trance with great ease and grace. Only then you will be able to deliver a clean job. And that is what you want, don’t you??

I invite you to take a deeper look at and learn what it is first hand.


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